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Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack Full Size Trucks – Includes 2 Fat Tire Kits

If you’re an avid cyclist who loves to hit the trails or roads with your bikes, you know the struggle of transporting them from one place to another. Fortunately, there’s a solution that makes bicycle transport quick, easy, and versatile – the Pipeline Racks Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack. This innovative bike rack is designed to securely haul your bikes in the bed of your pickup truck, providing a hassle-free way to transport your two-wheeled companions.

Effortless Installation and Secure Transportation

The Pipeline Racks Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack features a wheel mount design, which means you no longer have to hassle with removing the front tire of your bike. Once adjusted for your specific bike, there’s no need to readjust it every time you transport your bike – simply stick it in and go! The rack utilizes a strap system that requires no modifications to the bed of your truck, making it the quickest way to secure and haul your bikes.

The arms of the rack are fully adjustable to accommodate tire widths ranging from 0.75″ to 2.8″, and with the optional Fat Tire Tube Kit, this capacity can be increased to a maximum of 5″. This makes the Pipeline Racks Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack suitable for a wide range of bike types, including those with fat tires. With the optional Surface Mounting Kit, the rack can be mounted to any hard surface, allowing for versatility in use on trailers and toy haulers.

Adaptable and Stable Transportation

One of the standout features of the Pipeline Racks Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack is its adaptability. As your needs change, the rack can evolve to meet those needs. If you’re looking to transport more bikes, the Additional Bike Arm Assembly can be added to increase capacity. Additionally, if you upgrade to a different size truck, you can simply purchase a new front beam to fit your new truck and you’re good to go.

To ensure stable transportation, the wheel arm is fully adjustable to maximize bike stability. This provides confidence that your bikes are secure and won’t shift or wobble during transportation. It’s important to note that the rack only contacts the rubber tire, not the rim or frame, and the tire acts as an insulator to vibration during transportation.

Safe and Convenient Transportation

The Pipeline Racks Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack is designed with safety and convenience in mind. It securely fastens your bikes by the tire, ensuring the longevity of both the rim and frame. This eliminates the need for traditional methods of removing bike wheels or drilling holes, making for a hassle-free and secure transportation solution.

Additionally, the rack’s strap-in system allows for straightforward setup in most full-size trucks, with a minimum bed width requirement of 58.5″. For those looking for additional capacity, the versatile design of the rack makes it an ideal choice for a bike rack for pickup trucks or trailer bike rack. It’s also constructed of all aluminum for longevity, making it a smart solution for garage storage as well.

Considerations and Recommendations

It’s important to note that the Pipeline Racks Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack is not a rigid mount design, so there may be some bike movement from side to side, especially on rough roads. However, the overall stability and security of the rack make it a reliable option for transporting your bikes.

It’s also worth considering that due to the extra weight, additional strap support is recommended when transporting electric bikes and bikes over 40 lbs. Additionally, the rack does not accommodate bikes with full fenders, so it’s essential to keep this in mind when considering compatibility for your specific bikes.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Pipeline Racks Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack is a versatile and reliable solution for transporting your bikes in the bed of your pickup truck. With its innovative wheel mount design, adaptable nature, and focus on secure and stable transportation, it’s an ideal choice for cyclists looking for a hassle-free way to transport their bikes.

Whether you’re looking for a bike rack for a pickup truck, trailer bike rack, or simply a smart storage solution for your garage, the Pipeline Racks Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack offers premium materials, thoughtful design, and exceptional load capacity. If you’re in need of a reliable and versatile bike transportation solution, look no further than the Pipeline Racks Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack.

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