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Product Review: UPP Hailong Ebike Battery – Reliable and Powerful

If you’re in need of a high-quality electric bike battery, look no further than the UPP Hailong Ebike Battery. Whether you have a Bafang, Voilamart, AW, Tongsheng, or any other motor, this battery is compatible and delivers exceptional performance. Available in various voltage and capacity options, including 20AH, 17AH, and 13AH for both 52V, 48V, and 36V systems, this battery is suitable for a wide range of electric bikes ranging from 100W to a whopping 1500W.

One of the standout features of the UPP Hailong Ebike Battery is its construction and the attention to detail by Unit Pack Power (UPP) company. As the authorized store of UPP on Amazon, UASWarehouse ensures that you will receive the genuine product and benefit from the excellent after-sales support provided by UPP. This peace of mind is invaluable when investing in an essential component like an ebike battery.

The battery cells used in the UPP Hailong Ebike Battery are of the highest quality. Whether it’s the 4800mAh LG cells (21700) for the 48V 52V 20AH option or the 2500mAh or 3000mAh cells for the other variants, you can trust that UPP only sources A-grade genuine cells. The use of genuine cells ensures longevity, reliability, and maximum performance for your electric bike.

Safety is a top priority for UPP, and that’s why each cell in the battery pack is fused. This feature provides an added layer of protection against internal short circuits and prevents overheating or any hazardous situations. Additionally, the built-in Battery Management System (BMS) provides double protection, ensuring the battery operates within safe limits at all times.

Installation and usage of the UPP Hailong Ebike Battery are effortless. The battery pack comes with a mounting bracket that securely attaches to most water bottle screw holes in the bike frame. This feature makes it convenient to remove and charge the battery at home or on the go. The battery also features an LED power indicator, which is a handy feature to keep you informed about the battery’s charge level.

Another impressive aspect of the UPP Hailong Ebike Battery is its durability. The in-house designed and manufactured CNC cell holder ensures the battery pack remains safe, solid, and secure. This construction reduces the risk of damage to the battery during rigorous riding conditions, providing peace of mind for the user.

Customers who purchase the UPP Hailong Ebike Battery benefit from a two-month return and resend or refund policy if there are any issues with the battery. Additionally, UPP offers free repair and replacement within one year and lifetime technical support. With after-service centers in Texas, US, professional assistance is readily available to help resolve any problems you may encounter.

In conclusion, the UPP Hailong Ebike Battery is a reliable and powerful choice for electric bike enthusiasts. With its compatibility, high-quality cells, safety features, and excellent after-sales support, you can trust the reliability and longevity of this battery. Choose UPP for your electric bike battery needs and experience the difference in performance and peace of mind.

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