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Torqshift TSDZ2B Mid Drive Kit 48V 500W Torque Sensor Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 2022 Upgraded TSDZ2 DIY Ebike Engine for 68MM – 73MM Bottom Bracket Mountain Bike Road Bike

✦Motor Specification:

Model: TSDZ2B

Power: 48V 500W

Max Torque: 100 N.m
Current: 15A

Pedal Sensor: Torque Sensor
Shaft Standard: JIS
Color: Black

Weight (kg): 3.6
Noise Grade (dB): <55
Operating Temperature: -20-45℃
E-Brake: Yes
Gearsensor Function: Yes

✦Warm tips:
1) If mechanical collisions happen between the motor and frame, please kindly inform us, and we will send extra gaskets to you. Without adding gaskets, there is a risk of cracking the shell and damaging the torque sensor. Additionally, tighten the speed sensor with a cable tie and ensure a distance of 10mm to 15mm, aligning the arrow with the magnet.
2) This motor does not function when the mid motor TSDZ2 or TSDZ2B is no-load.

Torque Sensor: Experience the Power from Your Feet

The Varstrom Tongsheng TSDZ2B Mid Drive Kit is equipped with a highly accurate torque sensor. This sensor detects the force applied to your foot and converts it into kinetic energy, providing excellent starting performance. You can feel the power of starting the e-bike directly from your feet. This integration of human power and machine power results in an unparalleled riding experience.

Standard Universal Fit

This conversion kit is designed to fit most standard bikes with a 68-73mm bottom bracket. However, it is important to note that it only fits bikes with a disc brake and chain drive system. Ensure compatibility with your bike before making a purchase.

Ultimate Safety

The power output of the motor is synchronized with the pedal. This means that as soon as the rider releases the pedal, the power cuts off immediately. There is no need to install additional brake levers. When the crank is idle, the motor does not rotate, ensuring a level of safety comparable to a regular bicycle. Enjoy the convenience of an e-bike without compromising on safety.

Warranty and Support

The Torqshift TSDZ2B Mid Drive Kit comes with a 1-year warranty. We also provide US maintenance service and technical support to address any issues that may arise. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to resolving any concerns promptly and efficiently.

In conclusion, the Varstrom Tongsheng TSDZ2B Mid Drive Kit is a high-quality electric bicycle conversion kit that offers excellent starting performance, a universal fit for most standard bikes, and utmost safety. With its torque sensor, you can feel the power generated from your feet, creating a seamless blend of human power and machine power. Backed by a warranty and supported by a dedicated customer service team, this kit is a reliable choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bike into an e-bike.

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