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Viribus Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review: Effortlessly Upgrade Your Bike to an Electric Powerhouse

Are you tired of pedaling your bike up those steep hills? Do you wish you could effortlessly cruise around town without breaking a sweat? Look no further than the Viribus Electric Bike Conversion Kit. This amazing kit transforms your regular bike into a powerful electric bicycle, giving you the freedom to ride faster and farther with ease.

Clear Convenience for a Speedy Ride

The Viribus Electric Bike Conversion Kit boasts a 1000W brushless motor that is designed to comply with public speed limits. However, this powerful motor can reach speeds of up to 37 mph (59.5 km/h), making it perfect for those who crave a thrill while riding. The LCD control panel keeps you informed about your speed, distance traveled, and battery life, and allows you to choose from five different speed settings, ranging from 20% to 100% of your maximum speed.

Custom Comfort for a Smooth and Quiet Ride

Unlike other electric bike conversion kits, the Viribus kit features a high-quality hub motor that runs more smoothly and quietly. This ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride, without any annoying noise or vibrations. Additionally, the kit is equipped with custom-built handles for easy control, and the necessary ties and covers to keep the wiring neatly organized and out of your way. The control system is also adjustable, allowing you to limit the top speed or block the two fastest settings for a safer ride.

Intuitive Setup and Simple Operation

With the Viribus Electric Bike Conversion Kit, transforming your ordinary bike into an electric powerhouse is a breeze. The kit comes with step-by-step instructions that guide you through the installation process, ensuring a fast and hassle-free setup. Once installed, the LCD panel and pedal sensor allow you to switch between throttle control, cruise control, and the pedal assist system (PAS), providing you with versatile riding options that suit your preferences.

Guaranteed Satisfaction and Reliable Support

The Viribus Electric Bike Conversion Kit is backed by a strong 1-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and assurance in the product’s quality. Moreover, their friendly 24/7 customer service is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have along the way. With this kit, you can start enjoying a faster and easier ride, all while knowing that you have a reliable support system behind you.

Upgrade your bike and elevate your riding experience with the Viribus Electric Bike Conversion Kit. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling joyride or a convenient mode of transportation, this kit has got you covered. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your old ride into a high-performance electric bicycle – order your Viribus Electric Bike Conversion Kit today!

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