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The Vivi Electric Bike is a high-quality electric bicycle designed specifically for adults. With its powerful 500W motor and 26″ electric mountain bike frame, this ebike offers a thrilling and convenient way to commute or explore the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing ride or an exhilarating adventure, the Vivi Electric Bike has it all.

48V Removable Battery

One of the standout features of the Vivi Electric Bike is its 48V 374.4Wh removable battery. This allows for a travel range of approximately 22-25 miles in pure electric mode or 44-50 miles in pedal mode. With a fast charge time of 4-6 hours, you can quickly get back on the road. Additionally, the removable battery feature adds an extra layer of convenience, as you can easily take it with you to charge at home or in the office, reducing the risk of theft.

5 Working Modes

The Vivi Electric Bike provides five working modes to suit your riding preferences. The PAS Mode assists you with a moderate amount of power as you pedal, while the Pure Electric Mode allows you to twist the throttle to your desired power level. Pedal Mode allows for a more traditional biking experience, while Cruise Control Mode maintains a consistent speed. The Booster Mode is particularly useful for uphill climbs, as the motor provides additional assistance.

High-Quality Accessories

Constructed with an aluminum frame, the Vivi Electric Bike is not only durable but also lightweight. The front and rear disc-brake design ensures excellent stopping power, and the professional 21-speed drivetrain allows for strong climbing ability. Whether you’re tackling hills or cruising on flat terrain, you can easily choose the appropriate speed. Additionally, the bike features a bright LED headlamp for safe nighttime riding.

Comfort Riding

The Vivi Electric Bike is designed with your comfort in mind. The high-strength front suspension fork effectively absorbs shocks during your ride, providing better control and a smoother experience. The tires have a high-grip tread pattern, making them suitable for various terrains such as hillsides, gravel, city streets, and back roads. With greater range variation and terrain adaptability, you can confidently explore new routes.

Guaranteed Service

When you purchase the Vivi Electric Bike, you’ll receive a one-year warranty for the electric motor, battery, and charger. The bike arrives at your doorstep 90% assembled, making the installation process simple. Just assemble the front wheel, bike seat, pedals, and secure the handlebars in place. If you need assistance, you can also reach out to the company for installation videos. Additionally, their customer service team is responsive and ready to help with any issues that may arise.

In conclusion, the Vivi Electric Bike is a reliable and versatile option for adults seeking an electric bicycle. With its removable battery, various working modes, high-quality accessories, and emphasis on comfort, this ebike delivers an exceptional riding experience. Whether you’re commuting through the city or embarking on an off-road adventure, the Vivi Electric Bike has the power and functionality to keep you going.

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