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Are you looking to transform your standard bicycle into a powerful and efficient electric bike? Look no further than the Voilamart IP65 26″ Electric Bike Hub Motor Rear Wheel Conversion Kit. This top-of-the-line conversion kit includes everything you need (except the battery) to turn your ordinary bike into a high-performance electric bike. With a 48V 1500W controller built-in ebike 135MM dropout hub motor, this kit delivers unrivaled power, speed, and reliability.

Key Features:
The Voilamart Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is built to the highest international standards, CE certified, ensuring both safety and quality. The 48V 1500W and 750W super power brushless gearless hub motor provides exceptional performance, while being restricted to 750W and 24 mph (38km/h) by default, making it road-legal. The motor features a nylon tire, alloy rim, and galvanized steel spoke, ensuring durability and longevity. Rare-earth metal magnets are used in the motor to efficiently produce large power, while the built-in powerful controller guarantees a big current supply. The LCD display shows battery level, pedal assistance settings, and adjustment speed, providing you with essential information at a glance. The brake levers cut off the power supply to the motor safely, adding an extra layer of safety. The crank speed sensor allows for pedal assistance, giving you the flexibility to switch between power modes from 0-1500W with the “PO8 SpeedLimit” adjustment of the LCD Meter.

This kit includes a 26″ 135 Dropout Rear Wheel, 48V 1500W Brushless Gearless Hub Motor (restricted to 750W by default), 26 X 1.95 Nylon MTB Tire, Alloy Double Wall Rim, 45 N.M Torque, 36 steel spokes, 12G×0.1″, and a max speed of 0-50km/h. The wheel axle measures 8.27” x Φ0.39″, and the kit has a max load capacity of 551lbs.

Upgraded Intelligent Motor:
The intelligent motor allows you to swap power modes from 0-1500W by “PO8 SpeedLimit” adjustment of the LCD Meter, while still retaining the full 1500W power with no speed control.

Package Included:
The kit includes a Brushless Gearless Motor Rear Wheel, Pedal Assist Crank Sensor, Cable Ties & Plastic Coil, Pair of Handle Bars (included Twist Throttle), Pair of Brake Handles, Wire Hub, LCD meter, and Manual.

This kit is designed to provide you with a seamless and efficient e-bike conversion experience. The LCD display shows battery level and pedal assistance settings, while the brake levers cut off the power supply to the motor safely. The twist throttle includes a battery level display, and the built-in powerful controller guarantees a steady current supply. The pedal assistance system allows you to enjoy cycling while driving the electric bike with a 551LB/250KG maximum load capacity.

Comes with all the components you need to complete a full conversion, including a rear wheel (of 7-speed sprocket), cable ties & plastic coil, wire hub, pedal assist crank sensor, twist throttle, one pair of brake handles, LCD meter, and manual. (Note: Battery not included).

The Voilamart IP65 26″ Electric Bike Hub Motor Rear Wheel Conversion Kit is CE and EN15194 approved, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards. A 48 Volt electrokinetic cell battery with a nominal capacity of not less than 14.5Ah is required to complete the conversion. Whether you’re looking to commute to work, explore new trails, or simply enjoy the thrill of riding a high-performance electric bike, this conversion kit has everything you need to take your cycling experience to the next level.

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