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When it comes to cycling, having a reliable and durable bike seat bag is essential for storing your essentials while on the go. The WILD MAN 4L Bike Seat Bag is a versatile and practical option for cyclists looking for a spacious and waterproof storage solution. In this review, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of this bike seat bag.

Size and Material:

The WILD MAN 4L Bike Seat Bag has dimensions of 262×188×175MM (10.31×7.4×6.88inch), providing ample space for storing your belongings. The bag is made using cold-pressed hard shell technology with EVA material, making it ultra-lightweight, drop-resistant, and durable. The surface of the bag features a carbon pattern PU fabric, which is moisture-proof and long-lasting. Additionally, the bag has a reflective logo design to enhance night travel safety.


One of the standout features of the WILD MAN 4L Bike Seat Bag is its built-in mesh bag compartment, allowing you to easily store and organize your items. This ensures that your essentials are readily accessible when you need them. The bag can also be used as a shoulder bag, as it comes equipped with a detachable shoulder strap for added convenience. Furthermore, it features a carrying strap for easy portability.


Installing the WILD MAN 4L Bike Seat Bag is a breeze, as it simply requires adjusting the length of the Hook and Loop Fastener. This makes it suitable for attaching to the tailstock of bicycles, electric bicycles, and electric bicycles. It is important to note that the product does not include any shelves, so they will need to be purchased separately. The bag itself only contains the car bag.

Durability and Versatility:

The WILD MAN 4L Bike Seat Bag is designed to withstand the rigors of cycling, thanks to its durable construction and materials. Whether you are embarking on a long-distance tour or heading out for a leisurely ride, this bag will keep your belongings secure and protected. Its versatile design allows it to be used on a variety of bike types, making it a practical choice for all cyclists.

Storage Capacity:

With a generous storage capacity of 4 liters, the WILD MAN Bike Seat Bag offers plenty of space for storing your essentials such as tools, snacks, keys, and more. The built-in mesh compartment helps to keep your items organized and easily accessible, reducing the need to rummage through the bag to find what you need.

Waterproof Design:

The waterproof design of the WILD MAN 4L Bike Seat Bag ensures that your belongings stay dry and protected in wet or rainy conditions. This feature is essential for cyclists who often ride in varying weather conditions, as it prevents damage to your items and keeps them in pristine condition.

Night Safety:

The reflective logo design on the WILD MAN 4L Bike Seat Bag enhances night travel safety by increasing visibility to other road users. This is particularly important for cyclists who ride during low-light conditions, as it helps to prevent accidents and improve overall safety on the road.

Comfort and Convenience:

The detachable shoulder strap of the WILD MAN 4L Bike Seat Bag allows for easy conversion into a shoulder bag, making it convenient to carry off the bike. The carrying strap adds another level of portability, allowing you to transport the bag with ease when not cycling. These features add to the overall comfort and convenience of using this bike seat bag.

Price and Value:

Priced competitively, the WILD MAN 4L Bike Seat Bag offers excellent value for money considering its durable construction, waterproof design, and generous storage capacity. Its versatility and practical features make it a worthwhile investment for cyclists of all levels, whether you are a commuter, touring cyclist, or leisure rider.


In conclusion, the WILD MAN 4L Bike Seat Bag is a high-quality and practical storage solution for cyclists looking to keep their essentials secure and organized on the go. Its durable construction, waterproof design, and versatile features make it a standout choice for cyclists of all levels. With ample storage capacity and convenient features such as a detachable shoulder strap and reflective logo design, this bike seat bag offers both functionality and value for money. Whether you are cycling for sport, leisure, or commuting, the WILD MAN 4L Bike Seat Bag is a reliable companion for your rides.

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