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The X-PRO X25 125cc Cafe Cruiser Racer Gas Bike Bicycle Style Motorcycle Street Bike is a sleek and stylish ride that offers a thrilling experience on the road. With a powerful 125cc, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder engine model 154FMI-3, this bike delivers impressive performance. It can generate a maximum power of 6.2kW and a peak torque of 8.5n.m at 7500r/min. The air-cooled engine ensures reliable performance, and the manual transmission system provides a classic riding experience. The electric start system and CDI ignition add convenience and reliability to the bike.

The X-PRO X25 is designed for a smooth and comfortable ride, with a front and rear drum brake system which ensures effective stopping power. The 2.50-17 front and rear tires offer great traction, and the 17″ size provides stability and control on the road. The frame and body are well-constructed, with an overall length of 72″, width of 29″, and a height of 45″. The seat height is 32″, and the wheelbase is 47″, making it comfortable for riders of varying heights. Additionally, the bike has a ground clearance of 6″, ensuring it can handle various road conditions.

In terms of safety and control, the X-PRO X25 is equipped with headlights, tail lights, a horn, and turn signal indicators, ensuring optimal visibility and signaling capabilities. The large headlight and tail light maximize nighttime visibility, while the electroplated headlight housing enhances the bike’s stylish appearance.

The X-PRO X25 also offers a comfortable and stylish riding experience, with a wide, thickly padded seat that ensures incomparable rider and passenger comfort. With a weight capacity of 190 lbs and a net weight of 190 lbs, this bike is suitable for a wide range of riders.

Assembly of the bike is required, with some components such as the handlebar, wheels, brakes, hub odometer counter, trunk (if included), and battery needing to be installed. However, the assembly process is straightforward and is well worth the effort to enjoy the ride.

In conclusion, the X-PRO X25 125cc Cafe Cruiser Racer Gas Bike Bicycle Style Motorcycle Street Bike offers impressive performance, style, and comfort. With its powerful engine, reliable construction, and convenient features, it is an excellent choice for riders looking for an affordable and fun street bike.

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