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**Experience Ultimate Freedom with the Men’s 26.0 x 4.0 inch Fat Tire Step-Thru Commuter Electric Bicycle**
Travel becomes freer and more enjoyable, while commuting becomes easier. Experience the ultimate freedom of biking with our Men’s 26.0 x 4.0 inch Fat Tire Step-Thru Commuter Electric Bicycle. Designed for the modern urban adventurer, this e-bike combines style, convenience, and power. Conquer any road or trail effortlessly with the electric assist system, while the sturdy fat tires provide stability and grip on any terrain. Commute to work or explore the city with ease and comfort. Embrace a greener lifestyle while enjoying the thrill of biking. Say goodbye to traffic and parking hassles as you glide through the streets on this sustainable ride. Join the biking revolution today and rediscover the joy of riding. Get your Men’s 26.0 x 4.0 inch Fat Tire Step-Thru Commuter Electric Bicycle and explore the city like never before.

**Powerful 1500W Motor**
The Men’s 26.0 x 4.0 inch Fat Tire Step-Thru Commuter Electric Bicycle is equipped with a powerful 1500W brushless motor, allowing riders to conquer steep hills effortlessly. This motor delivers incredible torque and power, allowing riders to reach a top speed of 36 mph and a maximum load weight of 330 pounds. With this level of power, riders can feel confident and exhilarated as they navigate various terrains with ease.

**Removable Lithium Battery for Peace of Mind**
The electric bicycle comes with a removable lithium battery that offers UL listing, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection. This provides riders with peace of mind, knowing that their battery is safe and secure. Additionally, the convenient charging capabilities allow riders to charge their battery at home or on the go, ensuring that they are always ready for their next adventure.

**Comfortable and Smooth Ride**
The Men’s 26.0 x 4.0 inch Fat Tire Step-Thru Commuter Electric Bicycle features front and rear fork shock absorption, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride. This minimizes any bumps and ensures that riders can enjoy maximum comfort as they travel. Additionally, the bike is equipped with a Shamano 7-speed gear system, allowing riders to shift gears with precision and smoothness, finding the perfect speed for their journey.

**Safety Features for Night Riding**
Riders can feel confident riding at night with the bright LED headlight and taillight. These waterproof lights provide visibility and safety, allowing riders to navigate the streets or trails with ease. In addition, the bike is equipped with a reliable mechanical braking system, with powerful 180 mm disc brakes in the front and rear, ensuring that riders can ride with confidence and safety.

**HD Colorful Display for Real-time Monitoring**
The bike features an HD colorful display that provides real-time monitoring of crucial information such as battery life, riding speed, PAS, and more. This allows riders to stay in control and ride like a pro, with ease and convenience. With all-terrain fat tires, the bike offers versatility and stability on any journey, effortlessly navigating various road types, such as mountains, snow, and flat surfaces.

**Frequently Asked Questions**
– What are the benefits of fat tire e-bikes?
– How far can I ride on a full charge?
– What is the e-bike’s top speed?
– What are the recommended height and weight limits for the MN26?

**Product Specifications**
Motor: 1500W
Battery: 48V 20AH
Speed: 36+ mph
Estimated Max Range: 55 Miles (Throttle) / 75 Miles (PAS)
Gears: 7-Speed Shamano
Tire: 26″ x 4″ Fat Tire
Suspension: Front and Rear, Dual Shock Absorber
Recommended Height: 5’7″ – 6’7″

**Two-Year Warranty and Industry Support**
Established in New Jersey and proudly serving the US since 2008, the manufacturer provides 90% pre-assembled products and a 2-year warranty on the motor, battery, and charger. Customers can reach out for inquiries and expect a response within 24 hours. It is recommended to keep the original packaging for a period of time.

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