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Uncompromising Style meets Electric Innovation

From practical city commuting to thrilling off-road adventures, the Tank Moped Style electric bike offers a blend of style, performance and rugged durability that far surpasses many counterparts in its range. This sleek, modern e-bike draws its design inspiration from the classic aesthetics of the Overlook Tank, making it perfect for various terrains: urban streets, scenic country routes, forest trails, campgrounds and even sandy beaches. Its 1500W peak brushless gear motor, coupled with a removable 48V 18Ah lithium battery, redefines your bike riding experience with an unbeatable speed of up to 32MPH and an impressive range of up to 68 miles per charge when using the Pedal Assistant Mode.

Above and Beyond: the Power and Performance

The HAPPYRUN electric bike isn’t just about looks; it’s equipped with a robust 750W brushless motor that soars up to a staggering 1500W peak. Delivering power and reliability, this e-bike effortlessly accelerates to speeds up to 32MPH, ensuring every ride is an exciting adventure. Featuring a large capacity 48V18Ah battery, your e-bike offers an incredible range of up to 68 miles of travel (PAS 1 mode) on a single charge. So whether you need it for long-distance commuting or hill climbing, this bike is up for the task.

Versatility at its Finest

The versatility of the HAPPYRUN e-bike is one of its standout features. With three distinct riding modes to choose from: Pure Electric, Pedal Assist, and Normal Biking, you can tailor every trip according to your preference and journey needs. Feel like enjoying the scenery? Switch to the Pedal Assist mode and let the bike’s motor share the burden. Want to save your energy on that long commute? Engage the Pure Electric mode and cruise through the streets.

All-Terrain Dominance

One of the unique features of the HAPPYRUN e-Bike is its all-terrain capability, owing to its fat and wide 20*4″ tires. These tires not only offer better stability and grip but also expertly absorb the vibrations, providing a smooth and comfortable ride over uneven surfaces. This makes your e-bike the perfect companion for the off-road, mountains and beaches, greatly expanding your riding options.

Ride in Comfort

Instead of the complicated assemblies associated with standard e-bikes, the HAPPYRUN electric bike comes 90% pre-assembled. All you need to install are the handlebars, front wheel, and the pedals or kickstand, and you’re good to go! Plus, with the bike’s dual shock absorber system and the Harley-inspired retro design, you get to enjoy smooth and comfortable rides all the time, ensuring your commute or fun trips are hassle-free experiences.

Customer Support and Warranty

As part of the HAPPYRUN commitment to customer satisfaction, this e-bike comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects, offering you peace of mind for your investment. For any help, you may need, the customer service team is readily available and responsive, ensuring you get assistance within 24 hours of your query.

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