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The 20″ Electric Bike Conversion Kit Front Wheel Motor 350W 36V E-Bike Kit is a versatile and efficient addition to your bicycle that can enhance your riding experience. This kit includes a front wheel motor, controller, brake, LCD display, and other necessary accessories for easy installation. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current bike or convert it into an electric bike, this kit is a great option to consider.


The kit features a sleek and modern design in black or silver color options. It is made of durable materials such as aluminum, iron, copper, and magnet steel, ensuring its longevity and performance. With a voltage of 36V and power of 350W, this kit provides sufficient power for your electric bike needs. The meter type is LCD, allowing you to easily monitor your speed, mileage, battery power, and other essential information during your rides.

The motor type is a brushless gear series hub motor, which offers a smooth and quiet operation. With a net weight of 6.6-7.7lbs, the motor is lightweight and easy to handle. The motor diameter is 143mm, and the shaft diameter is M14, with a shaft length of 153mm. The motor cable length is 100cm, providing enough flexibility for installation.

The kit comes with three sensors, a rated speed of 300rpm, and a rated torque of 30nm, ensuring a powerful and efficient performance. The flat fork width requirement is a minimum of 100-110mm, and the brake type is disc brake rotor that can be installed with 6 screws. The braking method is disc type, offering reliable stopping power when needed. The corresponding controller is a 36V 350w controller, ensuring seamless communication and operation between the motor and other components.


The kit is designed to fit a 20-inch wheel size, making it compatible with a wide range of bicycle models. The LCD meter provides various functions such as fault display, speed display, mileage display, five-speed booster speed control, and battery power display, giving you real-time feedback on your bike’s performance. With an efficiency of over 82%, the motor consumes less electricity while delivering excellent performance.

One of the standout features of this kit is its low noise operation. The brushless gear motor produces minimal noise, creating a peaceful and enjoyable riding experience. You can confidently ride your electric bike without disturbing others or being bothered by excessive noise.

The kit also offers adjustable speed settings with five gears, allowing you to customize your riding experience based on your preferences and terrain conditions. Whether you prefer a leisurely cruise or a fast-paced ride, you can easily adjust the speed to suit your needs.

**Package Contents**

The package includes everything you need for a smooth and hassle-free installation. It comes with a front motor wheel, controller, turners, brake handle, controller bag, pedal assistant sensors, headlight and horn switch, LCD meter, and an English manual. Additionally, all other necessary accessories for assembly are included, ensuring that you have everything required for a successful installation.

In conclusion, the 20″ Electric Bike Conversion Kit Front Wheel Motor 350W 36V E-Bike Kit offers an impressive combination of performance, efficiency, and convenience. Whether you are a casual rider looking to enhance your biking experience or a commuter seeking a more eco-friendly transportation option, this kit has you covered. With its sleek design, advanced features, and easy installation process, this kit is sure to take your electric bike to the next level. Experience the joy of effortless and enjoyable rides with this exceptional electric bike conversion kit.

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