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For bike enthusiasts seeking to upgrade their ride and tread new paths, the 20-inch Electric Bicycle Rear/Front Wheel Conversion Kit might just be the perfect choice. Revolutionary in its design and efficient in its function, this conversion kit includes all the tools and accessories necessary to transform your traditional bike into an electric one. Vastly economical in comparison to purchasing a new e-bike, this kit provides everything from a robust and powerful motor to pedal assist sensors and a LED display.

Detailed Analysis

This Electric Bicycle Rear/Front Wheel Conversion Kit offers the perfect blend of power and precision with its 36V 250W brushless toothed motor specification. The efficient motor provides strength and power, enabling a maximum speed of up to 30km/h, thereby making your bike experience all the more thrilling. Accompanying this, the open size of the front fork at 100mm ensures the support necessary for smooth rides.

The kit’s compatibility with both V brake and Disc brake systems add to the versatility allowing users to adapt according to their preference and requirements. The thumb throttle provides easy control and maneuverability over the bike’s speed while the crank speed sensor fortifies the overall bike control by observing your pedal assist.

Controller Detailing

The conversion kit comes with a powerful controller that guarantees a big current supply, providing you with an uninterrupted and efficient ride. As you connect the controller to the wires, ensure to match the right colors or else the controller may end up being broken. The controller also carries a 36V 15A specification, substantial enough to keep your e-bike running smoothly.

Add-on Features

One striking characteristic of the kit is the Pedal Assistance System (PAS), featuring a 5 magnetic point assist sensor. This feature sensitively gauges your pedal cadence to adjust parameters like motor turning rate and power assistance accordingly. Conservation of energy is a key focus here, reducing carbon dioxide emissions while consuming less electricity.

Safety Design and Display

The kit’s safety design is further enhanced by a SW-810 LED display, which indicates functions like battery percentage, speed, total, and single trip distance. For an added measure of safety, the kit features a power Cut-off Brake Handle. This ensures the instant disconnection of the power supply as soon as the controller detects the brake signal.

Installation and Use

The 20-inch wheel conversion kit features a quick-release wheel emblematic of convenient installation. Likewise, waterproof wiring tailored for the outgoing motor, coupled with common wiring for others, provides for good use even in challenging weather conditions.

Although the kit does not include tires, it is designed to accommodate 20-inch tires, thereby suitable for 20-inch bicycles. The users must check the product size prior to purchasing.


Weighing in at a mere 7kg, the 20-inch Electric Bicycle Rear/Front Wheel Conversion Kit is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their biking experience. Besides its multiple features, the kit also values safety and ecology. However, it is vital to keep in mind all the guidelines mentioned to ensure its proper functioning and long-term durability. Whether you wish to bring a new life to your existing bike, cut down on carbon emissions, or enjoy a thrilling ride, this kit has got all your needs covered.

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