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The 20 Inch Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor Kit Review

The 20-inch front wheel electric bicycle conversion motor kit is a comprehensive and easy-to-install system for converting your regular bicycle into a functional and efficient electric bike. With an array of exceptional features including a powerful high-speed brushless motor, user-friendly design, and a ready compatible ability, this e-bike wheel kit is the ideal choice for anyone seeking to exploit the benefits of electric bike functionality without necessarily buying an entirely new e-bike.

1. Strong Compatibility and Outstanding Performance

The highlight of the 20-inch front wheel electric bicycle conversion motor kit is definitely its strong compatibility and outstanding performance. Specifically designed to be compatible with mainstream disc brakes or V-brakes on the market, this electric motor kit comes with a guarantee for fast and stable braking during high-speed driving. Moreover, the kit also features a substantial loading capacity of 286.6lbs which is an advantage for both professional athletes and leisure sports enthusiasts.

The performance of this conversion kit is quite impressive. With a high power rating of 1000W, it provides a rated speed of 440 rpm and a maximum no-load speed of 42km/h. This allows for a seamless and thrilling cycling experience that combines technology and speed—in essence, making you feel as if you’re darting space and time on your bike.

2. User-Friendly Design

Apart from the high performance, the design of the 20-inch front wheel electric bicycle conversion motor kit is tailored to user convenience. It comes with a thumb throttle that integrates a switch, making it easier to control speed and switch gears seamlessly during your riding venture. Additionally, the kit features an LED display that includes a battery indicator and three-speed adjustments.

This makes it easier for you to monitor your riding stats, allowing you to make your cycling plans more reasonable. The LED display is also convenient for tracking your battery life, enabling you to avoid any unexpected battery drains during your cycling adventure.

3. Easy to Install

One of the best things about the 20-inch Electric Bicycle conversion motor kit is its simplicity in installation. The conversion kit package comes complete with all you would need to transform your basic bike into an electric one, with an included English manual and other handy installation accessories. Following the simple instructions in the manual, the conversion kit can be put into operation quickly and with minimal hassle.

Package Contents

Inside the well-packaged 50.3*23.5*51cm/19.8*9.3*20.1in box, you will find a front wheel, brake lever, LED display, thumb throttle, brushless controller, controller bag, a junction box, a set of crankshaft speed sensors, two handles, an English manual, and other accessories for installation. With a net weight of 8.3kg/18.3lbs and a gross weight of 9.7kg/21.4lbs, this kit is also easy to handle during the installation process.


The 20-inch Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor Kit is an excellent and accessible solution for anyone looking to transfer their standard bike into an electric one, whether it’s for reducing one’s carbon footprint, easing the daily commute, or simply enjoying the thrill of speed. With its high-speed performance, easy installation, user-friendly design, and substantial loading capacity, it offers an ultimate cycling experience for everyone. This kit truly interprets and marries the aesthetic of speed, convenience, and technology into a single exceptional product.

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