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High Performance with Nimble Control

The 24-inch urban electric bike for adults is a powerful, flexible, and efficient means of transportation. The ebike allows you to turn it on or off as soon as you approach or leave it, shaping your Cityrun according to your needs. The bike boasts of a clear, intuitive LCD display that shows requisite information like speed, battery level, and PAS level. It has an easy control panel that lets you alter the five operational modes while cruising on the bike.

You’ll find the responsive controls paired with a high-quality SHIMANO 7-speed thumb shifter ideal for flawless rides no matter the terrain. Whether you are flying downhill or crawling uphill, this bike makes the journey smooth and straightforward.

Safe Rides, Day or Night

Safety is paramount, and the design of this bike keeps that in mind. The bicycle comes with high-quality headlights that confidently aid visibility during day and night. No longer do you need to curtail your rides for the fear of low-visibility conditions. You can now take the bike on all your adventures, assured of well-lit journeys thanks to the included front light.

Sleek Battery Design Adds Elegance

One feature that impresses about the 24-inch urban electric bike is the sleek battery design. It hosts a removable battery, fully integrated and well hidden to maintain the bike’s overall sleek design. This approach to the battery design does away with unnecessary weight and ensures the bike maintains its elegance without compromising performance. Recharging the battery is as easy as one can imagine—charge it on or off the frame for your convenience.

Brakes and Comfort for a Dazzling Ride

The electric bike hosts a mechanical disc brake system for both the front and rear brakes to ensure a safe ride, even at high speeds. It features an Anti-Fatigue Palm Rest Grips and an ergonomic saddle that furthers rider comfort. As such, no matter how far or fast you go, the bike keeps you in control and comfortable at every moment.

Sturdy and Reliable

This e-bike is built with 6061 AL-Mg alloy frame and a suspension fork with lock. The construction guarantees secure and reliable rides tarred or off roads. The bike employs SHIMANO 7-speed shifters and rear derailleur, along with a mechanical disc brake system, to provide solid stopping power. It’s no wonder that this bike is the standard benchmark for electric bike security and reliability.

Ready for Every Adventure

Whether you’re commuting to work, going shopping or hitting the trails, this electric city bike is the perfect choice. Equipped with a UL Certified 36V*7.5AH hidden Li-ion Battery and a smart charger, this bike is your reliable, adventure-ready, long-lasting power source. With an easy-to-use LCD display that shows assist level, speed, and power indicator, you always have an overview of your current status. Get set for adventure with this sharp, efficient, and elegant electric bike.

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