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The world is moving towards greener solutions and electric bicycles are increasingly becoming a popular mode of transportation. Upgrading or maintaining your eBike can seem like a daunting task if you’re unsure about the components you need. This review will focus on one such crucial component: the 24V-48V Waterproof Ebike LCD Display Panel Brushless Controller Kit, highlighting its specifications, usability, and overall performance.

Quality and Durability

Made from quality plastic, LCD and metal materials, the controller kit is both lightweight and robust. It is meticulously designed to withstand the outdoor elements thanks to its rainproof feature. The durability of the kit means you won’t need to worry about it breaking down or needing replacements frequently, offering longevity and reducing your maintenance costs.


The LCD display of this controller kit is bright and clear, showing all the relevant data you’ll need about your electric bike. It shows speed, gear, battery life, and more at a glance. It is also equipped with a backlight, enabling easy viewing in dimly lit environments. The well-illuminated display offers better visibility, thus improving your riding experience, especially if you prefer biking in the early mornings or late evenings.


The controller provided with this kit is brushless. This type of controller works silently without irritating noise, providing a more peaceful and enjoyable ride. It is sensitive to the state of the electric bike and ensures high work efficiency, providing you with a smoother and efficient ride. It also comes with a power-on password feature for enhanced security.

Ease of Use

One key advantage of this kit is its ease of use and installation. The set comes with a mount for the LCD display suitable for 22.5mm handlebars, so fitting it to your bike should be straightforward. In addition, every cable in the kit is labelled with colours for different uses, making it user-friendly even for someone with limited technical knowledge. The buttons for operation are responsive and make the handling of the device a breeze.


The 24V-48V Waterproof Ebike LCD Display Panel Brushless Controller Kit is not just user-friendly but also offers several functionalities to boost your riding experience. For instance, you can control the lights, cruise, or boost. There’s also an array of vehicle speed options, divided into 3/5/9 gears that are optional, giving you flexibility according to your riding preferences.


In conclusion, it is apparent that for avid e-bikers or those contemplating switching to electric bikes, this LCD display panel brushless controller kit is a worthy investment. Be it for its high quality, durable build, clear display, silent and efficient controller, or easy usability, the controller provides value in more ways than one. Suitable for electric bicycles, it seamlessly integrates tech-savviness with practicality, making it a must-have gadget to enhance your eBike riding experience.

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