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27.5 Inches 72V 2000W Electric Bicycle Rear Wheel Conversion Kit Review

Are you looking to upgrade your bike into an electric powerhouse? Look no further than the 27.5 Inches 72V 2000W Electric Bicycle Rear Wheel Conversion Kit. This kit is designed to transform your regular bike into a high-speed, electric-powered machine. With a powerful 2000W brushless motor, 9-speed gear system, and a multifunction display, this conversion kit is perfect for those looking for an exhilarating ride.

Product Description


Wheel Material: Aluminum

Color: Black

Bike Type: Electric Bike

Number of Speeds: 9

Suspension Type: Rear

Special Feature: Electric

Output Voltage: 72V

Power: 2000W

Rotational Speed: 560rpm

Torque: 60N.M

Net Weight: 12.2kg/26.9lbs

Wheel Size: 27.5in

Wheel Width: 3.9m/1.53in

Wheel Diameter:57.3 cm/22.56in

Thickness with Flywheel: 20cm/7.87in


Brushless and Toothless Motor: Our kit uses an upgraded 2000W brushless and toothless motor, which runs smoother and is less noisy than a brushed motor, thus providing stable power to the bike. And brushless motors do not need to replace brushes, making maintenance easier.

High Efficiency: The rotating speed of the product is 560rpm, and the torque is 60N M. At the same time, it is equipped with 9-gear speeds, which can be adjusted according to your needs, providing you with a better riding experience.

Powerful Control: This conversion kit is equipped with a powerful controller, which is conducive to ensuring the smooth operation of other parts, making your entire process safer and easier.

Auxiliary Sensor: The pedal of this conversion kit is equipped with an auxiliary sensor, which can transmit your stepping frequency and force to the controller, and then adjust the motor speed accordingly.

Controller Bag: This conversion kit is equipped with a black controller package, which can store the controller.

Package Included

1* Motor Wheel

1* 9-speed Flywheel

1* Controller

1* LCD Display

1* Ordinary Throttle

1* Pedal Assistant Sensor

1* Power-off Brake Lever

1* Controller Bag

1* English Manual

All Accessories for Assembly

The 27.5 Inches 72V 2000W Electric Bicycle Rear Wheel Conversion Kit offers a professional-grade upgrade for your bike. With a high-quality 72V 2000W brushless and toothless motor, you can expect strong power and a speed of 560rpm. The 9-speed gear system allows for a customized riding experience, and the LCD screen displays essential information such as speed, mileage, and faults.

Not only is this conversion kit powerful, but it is also durable. Made of aluminum alloy, this kit is stable, lightweight, and has excellent load-bearing capacity. The surface treatment prevents oxidation and rust, ensuring a long service life for your electric bike.

The scientific design of this conversion kit sets it apart from others on the market. The auxiliary sensors on the pedals accurately control motor speed, providing a comfortable and convenient cycling experience. The ergonomic handle is designed for anti-slip grip, reducing fatigue during long rides.

Before purchasing this kit, make sure to note that it does not include tires, batteries, or chargers. Verify that the voltage of the kit matches your existing batteries and ensure that it is compatible with your bike. With this kit, you can transform your ordinary bike into an extraordinary electric ride.

Overall, the 27.5 Inches 72V 2000W Electric Bicycle Rear Wheel Conversion Kit is a top-of-the-line option for those looking to upgrade their biking experience. With its powerful motor, efficient gear system, and durable construction, this kit will take your riding to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, this conversion kit is sure to impress. So why wait? Upgrade your bike today and experience the thrill of electric biking!

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