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Stepping on the pedal for a long time is tiring. Maybe you need an easy way to ride. This electric bike controller kit is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is strong and durable. It can convert ordinary bicycles into electric bicycles, so that you can feel the speed of the wind and climb hills without difficulty, giving you a good riding experience.


It is suitable for electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric scooters, and a variety of DC motors.


Model: NC3630
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Voltage: DC 36/48V
Matchable Motor Power: 750-1200W
Current: 30±1A
Meter Type: LCD
Instrument Display: Real-time Speed, Maximum Speed, Average Speed, Total Mileage, Single Mileage, Battery Power Display, Assist Gear/Speed Grading, Cruise Control
Net Weight: 0.9kg/1.9lbs
Gross Weight: 1kg/2.2lbs
Package Size: 20*20*5cm/7*7*2inch
Controller Size: 212*115*55mm/8.3*4.5*2inch
LCD Meter Size (L*W): 68*96mm/2.6*3.7inch
Suitable Handbar Size: 21mm/0.83in, 22mm/0.87in, 23mm/0.9in, 24mm/0.94in, 31.8mm/1.25in

Different Cable For Different Uses

Red: Power Input
Yellow: Power Output
Blue: Signal Transmission
Green: Signal Reception
Black: Power Negative

Package Included

1* Color Screen LCD Meter&Bracket
1* Thumb Turner
1* Turnbuckle Cover
1* Controller
1* Pedal Assistant Sensor
Other Accessories for Assembly


1.The speed is related to wheel size, road condition, battery condition, guest load, wind speed, and other factors.
2.Please make sure a solid connection between the motor and the controller.
3.Please make sure that the inner core of each plug is not damaged, broken, or bent.
4.You need to connect the machine correctly and firmly during installation so that the product can work properly. If there is a mistake during the installation process, the product will not work properly.

Instrument Display — clearly display the real-time speed, maximum speed, average speed, total mileage, single mileage, battery power, assist gear/speed grading, cruise control, allowing you to grasp the usage status of the product. Meanwhile, backlight enables you to see the screen clearly in a dim environment.

Meter Bracket — You can put the LCD meter on the bracket for easy storage and viewing the display on the meter. It is suitable for 31.8mm handlebars, and can be applied to 21mm/22mm/23mm/24mm handlebars with a rubber ring.

Pedal Assistant Sensor — It senses the rhythm of the pedal and adjusts the speed of the motor accordingly. This helps on long trips and avoids wrist pain caused by constant pressure.

Brushless Controller — Can be sensitive to the state of the electric bike, providing steady speed and sensitive control of braking and direction changes. Meanwhile, the turner can also provide stable and sensitive speed control.

Overall, the 36v/48v 1200w Electric Bike Controller is a valuable addition to any electric bicycle or scooter. Its durable construction, advanced features, and easy installation make it a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their ride. With the assistance of this controller, you can enjoy a smoother and more effortless riding experience.

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