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Product Review: 36V/48V – 250W/350W/500W Electric Bicycle Motor Kit, Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit, Dual Mode Controller(32Km/H),36V/350W-20 (36V/350W 16″)

Are you tired of the same old bike rides and looking to add a little excitement to your daily commute? Look no further than the 36V/48V – 250W/350W/500W Electric Bicycle Motor Kit. With this rear wheel e-bike conversion kit, you can easily convert almost any bike into an electric bike and enjoy the benefits of a powerful and affordable electric motor.

One of the major selling points of this ebike conversion kit is its use of rare-earth metal magnet in the motor, which efficiently produces large power. This means you can enjoy smooth and powerful rides without worrying about breakdowns or battery drain. Additionally, the dual mode controller ensures that the motor works under optimal conditions, extending the life of your electric bicycle.

What sets this conversion kit apart from others is its reliability. Even if the components break down, the controller will switch into backup mode and the motor will still be working. This ensures that you won’t be left stranded halfway through your ride.

When it comes to specifications, this kit offers a wide range of options. You can choose from rear wheel types, motor power (ranging from 250W to 500W), and wheel sizes (16″/20″/24″/26″/27.5″/28″/29″/700C). With a maximum speed of 28-32km/h, you’ll be cruising through your city or countryside in no time.

The package includes all the necessary components for an easy installation process. It comes with a hub motor, controller, LCD5 Meter, 8 magnetic point waterproof plug, 115PDD power off brake lever, 130X Finger Dial Handle, and cable ties. Everything you need is included, so you can start converting your eBike kit as soon as it arrives. Please note that the battery and charger are not included in the package.

What truly sets this ebike conversion kit apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction. The company behind this product guarantees customer service that puts you first. If you encounter any issues or have questions, their support team is available 24/7 via Amazon email, ready to assist you.

The LCD display is another great feature of this kit. It shows the battery level and pedal assistance settings, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience. This conversion kit is suitable for a wide range of wheels, making it compatible with most bicycle types, including city bicycles, mountain bicycles, touring bicycles, and commuter bicycles.

In conclusion, the 36V/48V – 250W/350W/500W Electric Bicycle Motor Kit is a reliable, powerful, and affordable option for anyone looking to convert their ordinary bike into an electric bike. With its easy installation process and customer-first mentality, this kit provides an enjoyable and efficient riding experience for both commuting and leisure purposes. Upgrade your bike today and experience the thrill of electric biking!

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