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36V Electric Bicycle Battery10ah13ah15ah Lithium Ion Battery: Revolutionising Your Biking Experience

Transform your cycling journey with the 36V Electric Bicycle Battery10ah13ah15ah Lithium Ion Battery, a unique energy storage device that perfectly merges power, technological advancement, and safety. Designed specifically for E-bikes or motorcycles powered by 200W to 750W motors, this battery system revolutionizes the way you bike. Its cutting-edge features, such as the Built-in BMS Protection Board and an inclusive charger, guarantees exceptional performance and durability.

A Proficient Powerhouse: Configurations and Dimensions

Outlining its prime features, the battery comes in varying capacities -10AH, 13AH, and 15AH. This provision delivers flexibility for users catering to a variety of performance scopes. The product, with dimensions of 410*43*105 mm, incorporates durable 18650 battery cells, guaranteeing prolonged operational life. It involves a standard voltage of 36V, supplemented by a specific battery charger rated at a voltage output of 42V/2A.

Optimal Operational Functionality: Temperature and Cycle Life

Another notable attribute of this E-bike battery is its commendable operational functionality. With a discharge temperature operating range of -20 to 60°C, and a charging temperature range of 0 to 40°C, it is adaptable to various environmental conditions. Additionally, the battery boasts an impressive cycle life of 1000 cycles or about 5 years. This drastically reduces the need for battery replacements and ensures years of reliable use.

Advanced Battery Management System: Optimizing Safety and Performance

The 36V Electric Bicycle Battery10ah13ah15ah Lithium Ion Battery incorporates an advanced battery management system (BMS). This intelligent attribute accurately calculates power, optimising the bike battery’s lifetime. Furthermore, the BMS safeguards the battery against potential threats such as short-circuiting, over-current, over-charging, and over-discharging. This protective attribute ensures unfaltering safety, making the product a robust power solution for any e-bike or motorcycle.

Compatibility: A Universal Power Solution For Most E-bikes

Designed for maximum compatibility, the 36V lithium-ion battery pack proves a suitable accessory for most e-bike motor kits, folding e-bikes, and commuter bikes. Its robust power backing ensures a long, uninterrupted ride, empowering your journeys. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals who prioritize bike battery performance, compatibility, and power longevity.

High Discharge Efficiency: Enhanced Performance Standards

A distinguishing feature of the battery is its high discharge efficiency. Designed to function under temperatures of -10~45°C, the battery achieves a discharge efficiency of up to 95%. This optimizes its usage, further extending the riding distance. Moreover, the battery retains its charge with a self-discharge rate not exceeding 3% when not in use, thereby preserving the battery power.

Delivery and After-sales Service: Pioneering Client Support Assurance

Coupled with outstanding delivery and after-sales service, this 36V Electric Bicycle Battery10ah13ah15ah Lithium Ion Battery stands a cut above the rest. Thick, sturdy carton packaging protects each unit during transit, with a commitment to re-deliver if any packages are damaged or lost. The responsive support team guarantees a reply to any product-related queries within 24 hours, marking an exceptional level of committed client service. Therefore, for riders seeking power, efficiency, durability, and safety in a bike battery, this product emerges as the ideal choice.

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