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Product Review: 36V Electric Bike Charger 42V2A Out Put Lithium Battery Charger

The 36V Electric Bike Charger is a versatile and efficient charger designed for most 42V versions of scooters. With its intelligent high-speed charging capabilities, this adapter ensures faster and safer charging for your electric bike’s lithium battery.

One of the notable features of this charger is its compatibility with a 10 series male 3-pin XLR socket/connector. This ensures a secure and reliable connection, allowing for consistent and efficient charging. However, it is important to check the details and ensure that this is the right charger for your specific bike model.

The input specifications of the charger are AC100-240V 50/60Hz 2A, which means it can work with a wide range of voltage variations. This makes it suitable for use in different countries or regions without the need for additional converters or adapters.

The shell of the charger is made from high-quality plastic, giving it a smooth and attractive appearance. The absence of impurities further enhances its durability and longevity.

Safety is a top priority with this charger, as it comes with various security protections. These include Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Current Protection (OCP), and Short-Circuit Protection. These protective measures ensure that your battery is charged safely and efficiently.

The charger features a charging mode of CC-CV (Constant Current-Constant Voltage), which allows for optimal and controlled charging. The charge indicator uses a red light to indicate when the battery is charging and turns green when it is fully charged. This feature provides a visual cue to help you monitor the charging progress.

With a product size of 132*57*32mm and a cable length of 39.4 inches (100cm), this charger is compact and easy to handle. This makes it convenient for storage and transportation. Additionally, the charger comes with a US plug cable, ensuring compatibility with most standard power outlets.

The precision of this charger is impressive, with current accuracy between ±0.1A and voltage tolerance of ±0.1V. These precise measurements ensure that you get an accurate and reliable charge every time, leaving no room for virtual marking.

In conclusion, the 36V Electric Bike Charger 42V2A is a reliable and efficient charger for most 42V versions of scooters. Its intelligent high-speed charging capabilities, along with its safety features, make it a desirable option for electric bike owners. However, it is crucial to check the compatibility of the charger connector before making a purchase.

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