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The 3SCORE Electric Fat Trike 750W Motor and 48V Lithium Rechargeable Battery, also known as the Etrike 24 Inch Fat Tire, is a powerful electric tricycle that offers versatility and convenience for users of all types. Whether you’re an adventurer looking for a unique ride, a commuter seeking a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation, or an individual in need of a practical solution for mobility, the 3SCORE E-Trike delivers on all fronts.

With a manual pedaling system in combination with a 750W motor, the 3SCORE E-Trike is designed to tackle a variety of terrains, making it the perfect companion for off-road adventures. The fat tires measuring 4 inches wide provide stability and traction, allowing for smooth and seamless navigation on both on-road and off-road surfaces. The front 24-inch wheel effortlessly rolls over any obstacles in its path, while the rear 20 x 4.0-inch wheels lower the center of gravity, further enhancing stability and security.

The E-Trike’s front and rear compartments offer ample storage space for all your essentials, with the added convenience of a large rear basket that comes with a dry bag for privacy and protection. Additionally, the E-Trike features a large seat, double suspension, and big fat tires that provide the utmost comfort for a pleasant ride, regardless of your destination.

The color display of the 3SCORE E-Trike allows you to monitor your performance, speed, and travel, and it includes safety turn lights and an electric horn, all easily accessible from the handlebar. Furthermore, the tricycle is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed gearbox system, enabling riders to adapt to varying trip requirements, whether it’s powering up steep hills or cruising at higher speeds on level ground. The E-Trike offers a perfect balance of power, speed, and adaptability, providing users with a seamless riding experience.

The tricycle’s 48V lithium rechargeable battery offers an impressive range of travel, with the ability to cover over 45 miles on a full charge, making it suitable for longer journeys. The battery requires only 5 hours to fully charge, ensuring minimal downtime between rides. Additionally, the 3SCORE E-Trike boasts a maximum speed of 30 MPH, offering both power and efficiency to match your needs.

When it comes to safety and maintenance, the 3SCORE E-Trike includes essential guidelines for proper storage and handling of the battery. These precautions are important to ensure the longevity and reliability of the battery, as improper storage and handling can lead to capacity loss or damage. Furthermore, the E-Trike comes with a 1-year warranty that covers all components from manufacturing defects, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality.

The PAS (Pedal Assist System) features 5 smart levels, allowing users to adjust the level of assistance, from normal pedaling efforts at Level 0 to full power at Level 5. The inclusion of parking brakes, turn signals, electric horn, and rearview mirrors further enhances the safety and functionality of the tricycle, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride.

The 3SCORE E-Trike’s design also highlights convenience and practicality, with a spacious and secure rear basket, USB charger port, color display, and integrated cell phone holder. The USB charger, strategically placed within reach of the cell phone holder, offers added convenience for riders who rely on their devices while on the go.

In conclusion, the 3SCORE Electric Fat Trike 750W Motor and 48V Lithium Rechargeable Battery – Etrike 24 Inch Fat Tire – Foldable Electric Cruiser Tricycle offers a winning combination of power, versatility, and convenience. Whether you’re in search of an off-road adventure, an efficient mode of commuter transportation, or a practical solution for mobility, the 3SCORE E-Trike delivers on all fronts. With its robust build, advanced features, and thoughtful design, the 3SCORE E-Trike is a top choice for individuals seeking a reliable and enjoyable electric tricycle experience.

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