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Product Review: 48V 12AH 14AH 20Ahebike Battery, 18650 Lithium Battery Pack with 2A Charger, T Plug/XT60 Plug,20A BMS,for Electric Bike Electric Scooter

Are you in the market for a reliable and high-quality electric bike battery? Look no further than the 48V 12AH 14AH 20AH Ebike Battery. This lithium battery pack is designed for electric bikes and scooters, providing long-lasting power and durability for your daily commute or recreational rides.

Battery Name: Li-ion Electric Bike Battery
Combination: 13S
Nominal voltage: 48V
Maximum voltage: 54.6V
Output Capacity: 2 A
AC Voltage: 110 or 220V
Nominal capacity: 12Ah, 14Ah, 20Ah
Standard discharge current: 20A
Max discharge current: 60A
Standard charge current: 2A
Over discharge cut off voltage/series: 35.75V
Over charge protection voltage/series: 54.6V
Discharge working temperature: -20-60°C
Charge working temperature: 0-45°C
Recommended storage temperature: 23 ± 5°C
Net Weight: 2Kg
Size: 2.2×2.59×9.44inch (56×66×240mm)

This electric bike battery is versatile and can be used for various motor power ranging from 250W to 1000W. The 20A BMS (Battery Management System) built-in ensures safety by preventing over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuits, thus extending the battery’s overall lifespan.

The 48V Li-ion E-Bike Battery is equipped with a 54.6V 2A charger that allows for a full recharge in just 3-5 hours, making it convenient for both daily commuting and longer rides. With a mileage of approximately 20-45 miles, this battery is suitable for a range of riding speeds, load weights, and road conditions.


  1. Professional electric bike battery
  2. Suitable for 250W-1000W motor
  3. Max constant discharge current of 20A
  4. Charger included: 54.6V 2A
  5. Charge cycle exceeds 800 times
  6. Optional Standard connector with T /XT60 plug

Every Lithium battery undergoes a rigorous appearance and function test before shipment, ensuring that it meets the highest quality standards. The optional T plug/XT60 plug allows for easy installation and compatibility with a variety of electric bikes and scooters.

Whether you are looking for a reliable battery for your daily commute or recreational rides, the 48V 12AH 14AH 20AH Ebike Battery is a great choice. Its durability, safety features, and fast charging capabilities make it an ideal option for electric bike and scooter enthusiasts.


  1. Please confirm the plug you need before placing an order. We can also send the plug model suitable for you according to your requirements.
  2. If the motor power you need exceeds this parameter, please contact us for a customized lithium battery pack.
  3. Since the size is manually measured, there may be a slight deviation of ±5mm, please understand.
  4. Good after-sales service: If you have any questions or you’re unsure if this electric bicycle battery is suitable for your bike, please contact our store for assistance.

Overall, the 48V 12AH 14AH 20AH Ebike Battery is a reliable and efficient power source for electric bikes and scooters. Its high capacity, fast charging time, and safety features make it an excellent choice for riders who value performance and longevity in their battery pack.

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