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🎁Embrace the Joy of Summer Riding:

For many, riding an adult electric bike with powerful features and added benefits has unparalleled excitement. This space swiftly explores the highlight features you can expect with BIGUODIR adult electric bike, an impressive piece of engineering brimming with intricate design details. It comes with some exciting pre-purchase offers including front and rear fenders, a rear rack, an upscale phone holder, bike mirrors, a bike lock, and a bike pump. For anyone buying two bikes, there is a 10% discount offer! However, the offer is limited to stock availability.

You may be wondering about how this 1000W electric bike compares to others in the market. With a brushless motor, this Ebike reaches a maximum speed of 30 mph with relative ease, ensuring a swift ride every time. Moreover, unlike other bikes in the same class that produce a lot of noise when reaching peak acceleration, this one boasts a strong but quiet motor that can produce up to 90Nm of torque. Whether off-roading or battling uphill climbs, this electric bike leads the pack.

👍Take Epic Adventure with a Long-Range EBike:

A high-capacity battery is a must for any electric bike enthusiast. There’s good news for them – the RX80 electric bike has a massive removable 48V 20Ah battery with a 960Wh capacity! This bike ensures you can ride between 40-75 miles off one battery charge. The range is subjective to numerous factors like the rider’s weight, weather condition, and road type. Considering its immense mileage, this electric bike makes mountain adventures and daily commutes more budget-friendly and enjoyable.

The BIGUODIR electric bike impressively combines durability and comfort. Its adjustable hydraulic lockout front fork alloy suspension and four-bar linkage suspension significantly lessen the impact from bumps during a ride. Thanks to these features, a rider can enjoy longer rides without fatigue, often associated with bumpy terrains. It effectively turns challenging mountain paths into seemingly flat grounds, offering exemplary riding experiences.

🚴‍♀️Trusted Safety and Navigation System:

Safety is paramount when riding at night during harsh weather conditions or traversing steep terrains. This electric bike boasts of a 160mm double disc brake that provides a more responsive braking effect, pausing within 0.1 seconds to prevent falls or collisions. Additionally, the fat tire E-bike comes fitted with a 600LM headlight with horn that provides sufficient light while consuming extremely low power. This is further complemented with an integrated tail light and saddle light for added visibility. Its safety standards are unparalleled, whether it’s late-night rides or during rain and fog.

The BIGUODIR is a perfect blend of convenience and technology. An intelligent colored LCD allows easy access to important trip information, such as the odometer, speed, battery, and mileage. The built-in USB port under the display panel proves handy for charging mobile devices during your travels. Its gear system also allows the rider to choose between 1-5 levels of pedaling assistance; a higher level requires less pedaling power.

👍Expertly Crafted All-Terrain E-bike:

As an all-terrain e-bike, this model comes with 26*4.0’’ fat tires for excellent traction on loose terrains. It can master various road conditions, from mountains, mud, snow to beach rides, both uphill and downhill. Its speed gears are professionally crafted for precise and stable rides. Choosing BIGUODIR gives you an advantage for long time fitness and travel with its high pass-ability and good handling enabled by the 1000w motor.

It offers comfort, tests quality control, and is dedicated to providing the best value to customers. Arriving 95% pre-assembled, this folding electric bike saves you from the hassle of complicated assembly. A 12-month warranty, lifetime free technical support, and an assurance to keep the original package box for a hassle-free return makes this bike worth investing in.

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