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The aostirmotor 1000W Electric Bike for Adults is a powerful and versatile e-bike that offers a thrilling riding experience. With its 1000W motor and 52V 15AH Samsung removable lithium battery, this electric bike is sure to impress.

One of the standout features of this e-bike is its large capacity battery. With a full charge, you can expect a range of 22-50 miles, depending on factors such as terrain and rider weight. The Samsung battery is of high quality and is designed to last, ensuring that you can enjoy long rides without worrying about running out of power.

Another highlight of the aostirmotor 1000W Electric Bike is its powerful motor. With a 1000W motor, this e-bike can reach speeds of up to 31mph, making it perfect for both commuting and off-road adventures. No matter what the terrain, this electric mountain bike can handle it with ease.

In terms of load capacity, this e-bike can handle up to 300lbs. It also comes with a rear rack, allowing you to easily transport your belongings. The saddle can be adjusted to a maximum height of 39 inches, ensuring that riders of all sizes can enjoy a comfortable ride.

Safety is also a priority with this electric bike. The brake handle is linked to the brake, providing a responsive and immediate braking experience. Additionally, the front and rear hydraulic brakes with four brake pads ensure shorter braking distances, enhancing safety in complex terrains or traffic conditions. The bike also comes with a front light, providing bright and long-range lighting for night rides.

The aostirmotor 1000W Electric Bike is equipped with a YL90T-H Color Display that shows important information such as speed, battery level, and driving distance. The display is designed to be easily readable even in strong sunlight.

Assembling the bike is easy, with the electric bike being 90% pre-assembled. The aluminum alloy frame is lightweight yet strong, ensuring durability and stability. The bike is also equipped with front fork shocks and a rear shelf, making it suitable for a variety of terrains.

This e-bike offers three working modes: Ebike, Pedal Assisted, and Normal Pedaled. This allows riders to choose the mode that best suits their needs, whether it be for leisurely rides or intense workouts.

Overall, the aostirmotor 1000W Electric Bike for Adults is a powerful and high-quality e-bike that offers speed, versatility, and comfort. With its impressive features and stylish design, it is sure to provide an enjoyable riding experience for adults. Plus, with a guarantee for 365 days, you can buy with confidence knowing that you are backed by excellent customer service.

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