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The Backrest Saddle Seat is a bicycle saddle bike seat with a soft back tricycle seat that is designed to provide a comfortable and secure riding experience. Whether you are riding a mountain bike, road bicycle, electric vehicle, or any other type of bicycle, this universal seat is the perfect addition to your bike. With its soft back and easy installation, this seat is durable and has a long lifespan, making it a great investment for any cyclist.


1. Pu material, let u feel comfortable: The Backrest Saddle Seat is made of high-quality polyurethane (PU) material, which provides a comfortable and supportive riding experience. The soft material cushions your back and provides excellent support, allowing you to ride for extended periods without discomfort.

2. With backrest, secure and can relax a lot: The soft backrest on the saddle seat provides additional support and security while riding. Whether you are cruising on a beach cruiser or tackling rough terrain on a mountain bike, the backrest will help you feel secure and relaxed, allowing you to enjoy your ride to the fullest.

3. Easy to install: The Backrest Saddle Seat is designed to be easy to install on any bicycle frame. With simple instructions and all necessary hardware included, you can quickly and easily attach the seat to your bike and be ready to ride in no time.

4. Durable, can work long life: The durable construction of the Backrest Saddle Seat ensures that it will last for many years of riding. The high-quality iron and PU materials are built to withstand the rigors of daily use, making this seat a long-lasting and reliable addition to your bike.


– Material: Iron + Polyurethane (PU)
– Color: Black
– Seat size: 25x25cm
– Back size: 18x8cm
– Overall size: 34x26cm

Application: The Backrest Saddle Seat is suitable for use on electric vehicles, tricycles, most beach cruisers, and road bike seatposts. Its universal design makes it a versatile and practical option for any type of bicycle.

Package Include: 1 x Bicycle Saddle With Back

Important Parameters:

The Backrest Saddle Seat is made of durable iron and polyurethane (PU) material and comes in a sleek black color. The seat size is 25x25cm, the back size is 18x8cm, and the overall size is 34x26cm.

Wide Application:

This saddle seat is suitable for electric vehicles, tricycles, most beach cruisers, and road bike seatposts. Its universal design makes it a practical and versatile addition to any bike.

Easy to Install:

The Backrest Saddle Seat is designed to be easily adaptable to any bike frame. It works with standard rearsets and most bikes universally, making it a convenient and hassle-free option for any cyclist. For your safety, be sure to tighten the screws and double-check the installation before riding.

Premium Customer Service:

If you have any questions or concerns about using the Backrest Saddle Seat, the professional customer service team is here to help. They will provide you with the perfect service and assist you in any way they can to ensure your satisfaction with this product.

In conclusion, the Backrest Saddle Seat is a versatile and practical addition to any bicycle. Its soft backrest, comfortable PU material, easy installation, and durable construction make it a great choice for cyclists of all types. Whether you are riding for fun, exercise, or transportation, this universal saddle seat will enhance your riding experience and provide you with the comfort and support you need.

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