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The BAFANG 1000W 750W 500W Mid Drive Kit with Battery offers a powerful and convenient solution for converting your regular bicycle into an electric one. With its high-quality components and reliable performance, this kit is a great investment for any cycling enthusiast.

Founded in 2003, BAFANG Electric is dedicated to developing core technologies for electrically assisted bicycles. Their goal is to produce innovative and high-quality products that enhance the riding experience for customers. With their expertise in drive systems, BAFANG has quickly become a trusted brand in the electric bicycle industry.

The BAFANG Mid Drive Motor kits are known for their exceptional performance. With a maximum torque of 100/120/160 Nm, these kits offer excellent power and acceleration while cycling. The mid-drive motor is equipped with three driving modes: thumb switch, pedal support, and a combination of both. These modes ensure that you can customize your riding experience to suit your preferences.

Installation of the BAFANG Mid Drive Kit is relatively easy, with the basic installation accessories included in the package. However, if you are unsure whether your bike is suitable for conversion, BAFANG provides customer support via email. They can assist you in determining if your bike is compatible with their kit, ensuring a smooth installation process.

The kit comes with a comprehensive packing list that includes components such as the motor, battery, display, chainring, speed sensor, brake levers, cranks, cables, thumb levers, installation screws, and additional accessories like a headlight, wrench, crank puller, gloves, and battery cover. BAFANG ensures that all the necessary items are included so that you can start your electric bike conversion right away.

Customer service is an essential aspect of any product, and BAFANG proves to be reliable in this regard. They provide email communication to keep you informed about any issues or concerns. Additionally, the motor comes with a one-year warranty, and there is customer service available for 265 hours. BAFANG has a team of professional technicians in the US who can provide technical support to help you solve any problems that may arise.

In summary, the BAFANG 1000W 750W 500W Mid Drive Kit with Battery is a top-quality product that offers excellent performance and convenience. With its powerful mid-drive motor and easy installation process, this kit is a great choice for anyone looking to convert their bicycle into an electric one. With BAFANG’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, you can trust that you are investing in a reliable and durable product.

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