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The BAFANG 1000W Mid Drive Kit with Large Capacity Battery is a powerful and reliable electric bike conversion kit that will revolutionize the way you ride. This DIY electric bike motor kit is suitable for use with mountain bikes, road bikes, and commuter bikes, and comes with a range of features that will enhance your riding experience. The kit includes a robust 1000W motor, optional LCD speedometer display, and a generous packing list of accessories to ensure that your electric bike conversion is successful. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the features and specifications of the BAFANG 1000W Mid Drive Kit with Large Capacity Battery and provide you with an in-depth look at its performance and usability.

Item Specifics:
– Wattage: 48V/52V 1000W
– Motor Type: Brushless Gear Motor
– Max Torque: 160N.m
– Bafang Motor Model: BBS03(HD) G320 1000W—The Newest Version
– Bafang Motor Position: Mid Crank
– Bafang Controller: Integrated Inside the Motor
– Display: Various options including SW102, C961, 500C, 750C, B750C, 850C, P850C, P860C, 800S, C18
– Chainring Wheel: 40T/42T/44T/46T
– Optional Battery: Yingwu Battery–48V20Ah, Rear Rack Battery–48V17.5Ah, 52V17.5Ah, Shark Battery–48V17.5Ah/48V18Ah/52V 14Ah, Triangle U004 Battery–48V 20Ah/52V 20Ah

Packing List:
1. BAFANG Mid Drive Motor
2. Optional LCD display
3. Brake lever or brake sensor
4. Thumb throttle
5. Chainring: 40T/42T/44T/46T
6. Crank
7. Speed sensor and magnets
8. 1 to 4 cables
9. Lock nuts
10. Battery—optional
11. Free Gift (Ebike headlight or taillight 1pcs, 250W stickers 4pcs, Install tool accessories)
12. Instruction manual (Scan code to get the installation video)

Powerful and Reliable Motor:
The BAFANG 1000W Mid Drive Kit features a BBSHD 1000W motor that delivers a maximum torque of 160 N.m, making it one of the most powerful and reliable mid-drive kits on the market. Whether you’re climbing steep hills, riding on flat terrain, or descending at high speeds, this motor provides a significant performance boost to your bicycle. With the BBSHD 1000W motor, you can reach speeds of over 30mph on flat surfaces and experience a considerable improvement in climbing ability. This makes it not only a suitable kit for regular use, but also an ideal gift for individuals who are looking for added power and support while riding.

Easy Installation & Three Riding Mode:
Converting your pedal bike into an electric bike with the BAFANG 1000W Mid Drive Kit is a breeze, thanks to the easy installation process. The kit comes with an instruction manual and a comprehensive installation video to guide you through the conversion. With three riding modes to choose from including E-bike, Pedal Assisted bicycle, and Pedal Bike, you can enjoy a versatile riding experience that suits your preferences. E-bike mode enables you to rely on the motor for extended travel, while the Pedal Assisted bicycle and Pedal Bike modes allow you to exercise with the added support of the electric motor.

Complete Accessories:
The BAFANG 1000W Mid Drive Kit comes complete with all necessary accessories to facilitate a successful electric bike conversion. In addition to the powerful motor, the kit includes a range of components such as the LCD display, brake lever or sensors, thumb throttle, chainring wheel, crank, speed sensor, magnets, 1T4 wire, and lock nuts. Furthermore, the optional battery options allow you to choose the best power source for your specific requirements. Additionally, the BAFANG 1000W Mid Drive Kit comes with a set of free gifts, including an Ebike headlight or taillight, 250W stickers, and install tool accessories to enhance your riding experience.

American Service Center:
When purchasing the BAFANG 1000W Mid Drive Kit, you can also take advantage of the dedicated North American after-sales service center. This service center offers one month return service, providing added peace of mind for your investment. In the event of any quality issues within the first year of ownership, the service center is available to provide technical support and maintenance services, ensuring that you receive the best possible assistance with your BAFANG 1000W Mid Drive Kit.

It’s important to note that the 52V motor was printed with a 48V logo due to certain reasons. However, you can easily recognize the appropriate voltage using the code on the motor. The code “501” indicates a 48V motor, while “506” signifies a 52V motor. In addition, you can request a 48V motor if needed, as the default option is 52V. It’s essential to match the voltage of the battery to the motor for optimal performance. Additionally, you may receive the Motor kits and Ebike Battery packages in separate shipments, resulting in different arrival times. However, please wait patiently for the complete delivery. Furthermore, if you wish to retain your hydraulic brake or taillight as a free gift, you can request these items via email, and they will be shipped instead.

In conclusion, the BAFANG 1000W Mid Drive Kit with Large Capacity Battery is a powerful and versatile electric bike conversion kit that offers advanced features and exceptional performance. With its robust 1000W motor, various useful accessories, and dedicated American service center, this kit offers a reliable and convenient solution for transforming your regular pedal bike into a high-performance electric bike. Whether you’re a mountain biker, road cyclist, or commuter, the BAFANG 1000W Mid Drive Kit presents an excellent opportunity to enhance your riding experience and explore the full potential of electric biking.

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