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BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor Kit Review: A Powerful and Reliable Conversion Kit

The BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor Kit is designed to easily convert your pedal bike into a motorized bike, allowing you to enjoy a smoother and faster ride. With its powerful motor and reliable performance, this conversion kit offers an exciting cycling experience.

Installation of this kit is a breeze, taking approximately 1 hour to complete. BAFANG provides an installation video to guide you through the process. Once installed, you can choose between two riding modes: E-bike and Pedal Assisted Bicycle. The E-bike mode allows you to effortlessly travel long distances, while the Pedal Assisted mode offers a combination of pedal power and motor assistance, giving you the option to exercise while riding.

The BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor Kit comes with all the necessary accessories for a smooth conversion. It includes the mid-drive motor, brake lever or brake sensor, thumb throttle, chainring wheel, crank, LCD display, battery and charger (optional), speed sensor and magnets, 1T4 wire, locknut, and a free gift such as an ebike tool or a headlight. Additionally, it also provides a power extension cable, long bolts, and gaskets for bikes with a 100mm bottom bracket.

One of the standout features of this motor kit is its powerful and reliable motor. The BBS02 750W 100mm motor generates a maximum torque of 100-120 N.m, making it perfect for climbing hills and accelerating quickly. With this motor, you can easily reach speeds of over 25 mph on flat surfaces and experience even higher speeds while going downhill. It’s an excellent choice for riders who want to explore challenging terrains or simply boost their speed on regular roads. This motor kit is an ideal gift for both experienced riders and older individuals looking to enjoy the benefits of a motorized bike.

BAFANG is a well-known brand in the industry, with a strong reputation for producing high-quality electric bike components. As an officially authorized shop, Greenergia Company ensures that all motors included in this kit are genuine BAFANG products. They are also proud to be the largest distributor of BAFANG in China, demonstrating their commitment to providing customers with top-notch products.

In terms of warranty, the BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor Kit comes with a one-year warranty. If there are any quality issues within this period, the company provides replacement or maintenance services. Greenergia Company also operates a North American after-sales service center, offering technical support and maintenance for customers.

Overall, the BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor Kit is an excellent choice for those looking to convert their pedal bikes into electric bikes. With its easy installation, versatile riding modes, and powerful motor, it provides a thrilling and enjoyable cycling experience. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring off-road trails, or simply looking to add some extra speed to your rides, this conversion kit delivers exceptional performance.

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