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Product Review: BAFANG Mid Drive Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit

If you’re an avid cyclist looking to upgrade your bike into a powerful eBike, then the BAFANG Mid Drive Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit is definitely worth considering. This kit offers a range of options with different power outputs, making it suitable for various riding styles and needs. Whether you’re a casual rider or a biking enthusiast, this conversion kit is designed to provide excellent performance and an enhanced riding experience.

The BAFANG conversion kit offers powerful mid-drive motors with torque ranging from 80 to 160 Nm, depending on the variant you choose. This allows for a smooth and efficient cycling experience, with three driving modes to suit your preferences: thumb switch, pedal support, and a combination of the two. These different modes ensure that you can adapt your riding style to your specific needs, whether it’s for leisurely rides or more challenging terrains.

One of the standout features of this conversion kit is its easy installation process. However, if you’re not sure whether your bike is compatible, BAFANG provides excellent customer support. Simply send them pictures of your bike, including the distance between the crank and the chain stay, and they will guide you through the compatibility assessment. This ensures that you can confidently install the kit on your bike without any issues.

The package includes a comprehensive list of items to assist you in the installation process. Along with the mid-motor and selectable display, you’ll also receive a 44T chainring (compatible with BBS motor) or a 46T chainring (for HD 1000W motor) as a standard inclusion. Additionally, the kit includes speed sensors, electromagnetic brake levers, crank arms, cables, headlights, installation screws, gloves, and an installation manual.

It’s important to note that this package does not include a battery, so you’ll need to consider purchasing one separately. BAFANG also specifies that the kit does not come with spacers for 90mm or 110mm bottom brackets. If you have a special-sized bottom bracket, it’s recommended to contact them immediately for further assistance.

BAFANG emphasizes the importance of using their recommended batteries to avoid compatibility issues or damage caused by third-party alternatives. While it may be tempting to replace the motor’s plug, it’s advised against, as this can void the customer service provided by BAFANG.

In terms of after-sales support, BAFANG offers a one-year warranty on the motor and 160-hour customer service. Their reliable network of technicians in the US is always available to provide technical support should you encounter any issues.

In conclusion, the BAFANG Mid Drive Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit offers a powerful and versatile solution for transforming your regular bike into a high-performance eBike. With different power options and easy installation, this kit provides an excellent riding experience for riders of all backgrounds. The comprehensive package and reliable customer service make it a reliable choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bike. So, why wait? Get ready to transform your biking experience with the BAFANG Mid Drive Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit.

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