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The BIGUODIR Electric Bike 750W Motor 48V 17.5Ah Battery, 26″ x 4.0″ Fat Tire Mountain Ebikes for Adults Men, Electric Bicycle 30MPH 7 Speed Gear is a powerful and reliable electric bike designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for adults. With its 750W motor, 48V 17.5Ah battery, and 7-speed gear system, this electric bike offers high performance and long-range capabilities, making it suitable for daily commuting and trail exploration.

Comfortable for Riding

One of the key features of the BIGUODIR Electric Bike is its comfortable and ergonomic design, which is intended to provide a smooth and enjoyable riding experience for users. The bike comes equipped with an 80mm travel lockable suspension fork and 26”x4.0” fat tires, making it suitable for various terrains, including the road, mountain, urban traffic, and trails. The larger soft saddle and adjustable handlebar and seat post add to the overall comfort of the bike, allowing riders to customize their riding position according to their preferences. Additionally, the plush passenger seat with a backrest ensures that both the rider and their companion can enjoy long journeys without discomfort. The maximum load capacity of the bike is 330 lbs, making it suitable for riders of different shapes and sizes.

Reliable and High Performance

The bike is equipped with a 7-speed rear shift mechanism that enables precise and fluid shifting, allowing riders to easily navigate different terrains and inclines. At top speed (30 mph), the bike offers higher torque (85 N.M.), providing a powerful and dynamic riding experience. The adjustable color LCD display with a USB port allows riders to regulate their riding status and charge their phone on the go, adding to the convenience of the bike.

Powerful and Long Range

The 48V 17.5Ah battery coupled with the 750W motor (peak 1000W) provides the BIGUODIR Electric Bike with a powerful and long-range capability. With a top speed of 30 mph, the bike offers an electric mode range of 35 to 45 miles and an auxiliary mode range of 50 to 60 miles, making it suitable for daily commuting and longer trail rides. This long-range capability ensures that riders can explore new areas and enjoy extended rides without the worry of running out of power.

City Cruise Design

The BIGUODIR Electric Bike features a city cruise design, which encourages energy-efficient and stress-free riding at a constant speed. The one-piece stable high-strength aluminum alloy low step frame supports riders up to 330 pounds, and its trendy design makes it a stylish and practical choice for urban commuting. The ideal rider height for this bike is from 5’7″ to 6’8″, catering to a wide range of users. Additionally, the bike can easily accommodate a rear rack basket or water bottle cage, adding convenience for shopping or longer rides.

BIGUODIR KW26 – Suitable for Various Terrains

The BIGUODIR Electric Bike with 4.0 wide tires is designed to provide stability and grip on various terrains, including snow, sand, mountains, and rugged roads. The pattern design of the tires ensures that performance is not compromised by the excellent grip, making it suitable for diverse riding conditions. The versatility of the bike makes it an ideal choice for riders who enjoy exploring different terrains and environments, including hunting and off-road adventures.

In Summary

The BIGUODIR Electric Bike 750W Motor 48V 17.5Ah Battery, 26″ x 4.0″ Fat Tire Mountain Ebikes for Adults Men, Electric Bicycle 30MPH 7 Speed Gear is a versatile and powerful electric bike that offers a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. With its high-performance motor and long-range capabilities, this bike is suitable for daily commuting, trail exploration, and various outdoor activities. Its ergonomic design, adjustable features, and city cruise design make it a practical and stylish choice for adults looking for a reliable and efficient electric bike. Whether riding in the city or exploring off-road terrain, the BIGUODIR Electric Bike delivers a smooth and dynamic ride, caterings to the needs of adventurous riders.

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