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If you are an avid cyclist, you are definitely going to want to protect your bike from the elements when transporting it on your rear-mounted bike rack. This is where the Bike Cover for Transport on Rack by Via Velo comes in. It is specifically designed to protect your bikes when being transported on a rear bike rack and, in this article, I will provide a detailed product review of this cover.

First, let’s look at the product description. The cover is made from heavy-duty 600D Oxford material, which is not only waterproof but also very durable. It can easily safeguard your bikes from heavy rain, snow, dust, scratches, and even the sun outdoors. The cover comes with a front lock-hole design, making it compatible with cable, chain, or U/D locks for extra security. There are 2 windproof buckle straps and 5 adjustable length buckles as well as 3 drawstrings, ensuring a snug fit for your bikes. This cover is compatible with two bikes up to 29 inches, making it suitable for both men’s and women’s bikes, as well as mountain bikes, beach cruisers, mopeds, and bikes with baskets, baby seats, or racks. The dimensions of the cover are 210 x 120 x 95 cm.

The reflective strips on the cover make your bikes easily visible in low light, providing additional safety. A tail light blocking reminder is offered, as the cover is best suited for large SUVs and RVs, but it is advisable to determine if you need to add perimeter taillights to avoid any legal violations.

Upon purchasing the cover, you receive two buckle straps, a storage pouch, a bike seat cover, and a phone holder. The cover comes with a two-year warranty, and excellent after-sales service is guaranteed. The manufacturer advises against machine washing or tumble drying and using strong detergents, as it may damage the waterproof coating. Instead, cleaning instructions recommend using a sponge and warm water with a small amount of detergent.

So, let’s now move on to the actual use of the product and review how it performs in protecting your bikes while transporting them on a rear bike rack.

When you unpack the Via Velo bike cover, the first thing that stands out is the sturdy quality of the 600D Oxford material. It feels thick and durable, giving you the confidence that it can withstand whatever the road throws at it. The fit for two bikes is comfortable, and the cover allows for flexibility in adapting to different bike sizes and shapes, thanks to the multiple buckle straps and drawstrings. It is quite spacious, allowing for two large bikes to be covered without an issue.

Once your bikes are secured to the rear rack, fitting the cover is relatively easy. The buckle straps and drawstrings help make the fit snug, ensuring that the cover does not flap around or shift during transportation. The front lock-hole design is also well thought out, allowing you to lock your bikes for additional security.

Durability is a huge factor, and so far, the cover has held up under significant stress. It has survived long-distance trips and highway speeds that would normally have taken their toll on lesser covers. It stands up to heavy rain, high winds, and even extended periods in direct sunlight without showing any signs of wear or tear.

However, it should be noted that the cover may not be ideal for certain vehicle and bike combinations. Depending on your vehicle and the angle of view, the cover may block your tail lights. It is advisable to take note of this in order to avoid any potential legal issues.

Overall, this bike cover functions as intended, and the additional features such as the reflective strips and storage pouch are incredibly useful. The phone holder is a nice bonus and adds convenience when traveling with your bikes. The two-year warranty is also a nice touch, giving you the peace of mind that you are covered should anything go wrong.

In conclusion, the Bike Cover for Transport on Rack by Via Velo is a dependable, high-quality cover that will ensure your bikes are protected when you’re on the road. The heavy-duty materials, the multiple buckle straps, and drawstrings make it a practical and efficient choice for those who regularly transport their bikes on a rear rack. The bike cover is a wise investment for anyone who wants to safeguard their bikes and ensure that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

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