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Product Review: Bike Frame Steel for Stealth Bomber Electric Bike by Theebikemotor

Are you in search of a top-quality bike frame for your electric bike? Look no further than the Bike Frame Steel for Stealth Bomber Electric Bike by Theebikemotor. With its superior design and excellent features, this frame is a perfect choice for all electric bike enthusiasts.

The assembling instructions provided by Theebikemotor are clear and easy to follow. Let’s take a closer look at each step:

1. The controller casing: The controller is securely placed inside the controller casing, ensuring its protection and durability.

2. Motor feedback wheel clamps: The power cable and the motor feedback wheel clamps are attached using kapron swing arm, ensuring a secure and stable connection. The plant is conveniently placed inside the controller cover.

3. Battery casing: The battery is mounted inside the battery casing along with the BMS (Battery Management System). The battery fixing is done using a belt, providing a safe and reliable attachment.

4. Wiring for lighting frame: The frame includes a hole with a diameter of 20mm, allowing easy wiring for the rear and front lighting frame.

5. Ignition switch: The ignition switch has two positions, ensuring user convenience and ease of use.

In terms of recommended components for assembly, Theebikemotor provides a comprehensive list:

1. Rear shock absorber: This frame is compatible with cycling, spacing of 200mm rear shock absorbers, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride.

2. Fork: The front fork is designed with a 1-1/8” diameter and a dropout of 110mm or 150mm, providing options to suit various preferences.

3. Motor kit: The frame supports motor kits ranging from 1000W to 5000W for the rear wheel, offering versatility and power.

4. Seat Post Size: The frame accommodates a seat post with a diameter of 25.4mm, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of seat posts.

The Bike Frame Steel for Stealth Bomber Electric Bike offers several fantastic features:

1. Large Space for Battery Pack: The battery casing provides ample space (size: 330 x 202 x 140mm) for accommodating the battery pack, ensuring easy installation and compatibility.

2. Convenient Cable Connections: When converting the assembly, there is plenty of space for cable connections. All cable connections can be neatly arranged inside the cover of the controller, avoiding any clutter or tangling of wires.

3. Stylish Color Options: The frame is available in three attractive colors – Black, Red, and White. These options allow you to choose the color that best suits your style and preference.

4. Sturdy and Lightweight: The steel frame is built to withstand rugged terrains and provides exceptional durability. Despite its robust construction, it weighs only 23kgs, which is commendable for an electric bike frame.

To add to its appeal, the Swing arm measures 132mm with seven paragraphs, ensuring a comfortable ride with customizable options for different preferences.

In conclusion, the Bike Frame Steel for Stealth Bomber Electric Bike by Theebikemotor is an exceptional product that offers superior quality, durability, and convenience. With its large battery casing, convenient cable connections, and stylish color options, this frame is a perfect fit for any electric bike enthusiast. The sturdy and lightweight steel construction further enhances its appeal.

Upgrade your electric bike with the Bike Frame Steel for Stealth Bomber Electric Bike and experience riding like never before!

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