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The Burromax TT750R is an electric mini bike that offers compact performance with a stylish lightweight design. This bike is perfect for adults 16 and over who are looking for a fun and powerful ride. With its 750W Neodymium Magnet Motor and 36V 11.6 Ah Lithium Ion Battery, the TT750R delivers a lot of torque and impressive performance.

One of the standout features of the TT750R is its speed. This mini bike can reach speeds of up to 22 mph on flat ground when in its high-speed mode. For those looking for a slower ride, there is also a low-speed mode that limits the bike to 12 mph. This versatility allows riders to customize their experience based on their comfort level and the terrain they are riding on.

In terms of rider weight capacity, the TT750R can support riders weighing up to 250 lbs on flat hard pack surfaces. For off-road riding, the weight capacity is slightly lower at 140 lbs. This makes the TT750R suitable for a wide range of riders and activities.

The Burromax TT750R also comes equipped with a variety of features to enhance the riding experience. It has a digital battery percentage and voltage gauge, allowing riders to easily monitor their battery life. The bike also features a standard 18W 5000 Lumen LED headlight and LED tail light for added visibility and safety.

The wheels, tires, and brakes of the TT750R are designed for both off-road and pavement operation. It has front and back disc brakes for reliable stopping power and Burromax track tires that provide excellent traction in various terrains. The bike also features an impressive suspension system for a smooth and comfortable ride, as well as a telescopic front fork suspension.

The dimensions of the TT750R are 43.3″ x 11″ x 24.8″ (110 x 28 x 63), and it weighs 53.1 lbs (24.1 kg). This compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport and maneuver.

One of the great things about Burromax products is that they are designed and sourced by the company itself. This means that they are actively involved in the design, sourcing, and production of their products. They also provide first-class support and spare parts, accessories, and performance parts.

If you’re looking to upgrade your TT750R, Burromax offers OEM upgrade kits, performance kits, and replacement parts. They stock every single component, nut, and bolt that goes into building the bike, ensuring that you can enjoy your electric mini bike for years to come. Additionally, the company stocks upgrade and performance kits that are bolt-on and plug-and-play ready, allowing your mini bike to grow with your rider.

In conclusion, the Burromax TT750R is a high-performance and versatile electric mini bike. With its powerful motor, fast speed, and impressive suspension, it offers an exciting and enjoyable riding experience. The compact and lightweight design, along with the availability of upgrade and replacement parts, make it a long-lasting investment. Whether you’re a rider looking for some off-road fun or simply want a stylish and efficient mode of transportation, the TT750R is worth considering.

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