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The BUZZRACK Approach 2-Bike Platform Hitch Rack is a great addition for any cyclist looking to transport their bikes with ease. This product review will explore the features and characteristics of the BUZZRACK Approach, as well as dive into its compatibility with e-bikes and fat bikes. With additional purchase of the kit, you’re able to enhance the rack’s functionality to suit your needs.

The low platform design, sturdy construction, and 110lbs capacity of the BUZZRACK Approach make it a perfect choice for hauling heavier bikes – from downhill to e-bikes. In addition, this rack is able to accommodate bikes of almost any frame design or wheel size, making it versatile for a wide range of cyclists. The wheel trays are quickly adjustable, which allows for various bikes to be transported, including women’s, kids’, road, mountain, full suspension, and 29er bikes.

Furthermore, the BUZZRACK Approach comes with no-fuss ratchet straps on each wheel and an anti-sway strap at the front, making securing your bikes a simple and effective process. Additionally, the rack tilts down for quick and convenient access to the rear hatch or tailgate, adding to the overall functionality and accessibility of this product.

Moreover, with no bikes attached, the bike platforms fold to the center for easier parking and storage, making it a practical and space-saving choice for bike enthusiasts. It’s important to note that this rack is not suitable for RVs, camping cars, trailers, etc., and is not recommended for use on models of the Ford Flex which have centrally positioned exhaust pipes, due to the risk of burning/melting the bicycle tires and/or wheel supports.

For those interested in further enhancing their BUZZRACK Approach, there are additional accessories that can be purchased to increase its compatibility and flexibility. For fat bike compatibility, there is an optional Approach fat bike kit (B073384FF8) available for purchase. Additionally, replacement wheel straps (B0733BXHWN) can be acquired for easy maintenance and replacement of the straps. The optional accessory of a ramp is also available for those who would like to add this feature to their hitch rack (B075CSFHKB).

Moving forward, let’s explore the features and characteristics of the BUZZRACK Approach in more detail. The rack comes with foldable wheel trays, which are designed for compact storage when the rack is not in use, adding to its convenience and practicality. The tiltable platform provides tailgate access even with bikes attached, making it easy to access the rear of the vehicle without having to remove the bikes. This feature is particularly useful for those who frequently need access to their vehicle while transporting their bikes.

As for fat bike compatibility, cyclists have the ability to carry fat tire bikes with a width of up to 4.6 inches with the use of the optional Approach fat bike kit. This allows for versatility in transporting various types of bicycles, making it an ideal rack for those with different bike types in their collection.

Furthermore, the BUZZRACK Approach comes with adjustable arms that feature padded clamps and locking knobs, allowing for 360° rotatable usage and a flexible installation process. The rack also includes a security lock in the form of a hitch bolt lock, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind for users. Additionally, the quick-releasing ratchet straps with pads allow for a quick wheel tightening experience, adding to the overall usability and convenience of the rack (B0733BXHWN).

For those with e-bikes, the BUZZRACK Approach provides support and is ramp compatible, making it an ideal choice for transporting electric bicycles. With movable wheel trays and ratcheting straps, securing bikes is easy and reliable, and the adjustable, padded frame clamps ensure a safe and secure fit for the bikes. The rack is also designed to tilt down, even with bikes attached, allowing for vehicle access, while the wheel trays fold up when not in use for compact storage.

In conclusion, the BUZZRACK Approach 2-Bike Platform Hitch Rack is a well-built, versatile, and practical option for transporting bikes of varying types and sizes. With its additional compatibility for fat bikes and e-bikes, as well as the optional accessories available for customization, it offers a great deal of flexibility for cyclists. Its ease of use, sturdy construction, and ability to accommodate heavy bikes make it an excellent choice for transporting bikes to various locations. Whether you’re an avid mountain biker, a commuter, or an enthusiast with a collection of bike types, the BUZZRACK Approach has the features and characteristics to suit your needs.

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