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Cozytrikes Motorized Three Wheel Bikes for Adults Review

Are you looking for a motorized three wheel bike for adults, an adult electric trike for sale? If yes, you are at the right place! Experience effortless mobility with our Adult Electric Tricycle, equipped with a powerful 1500W PowerBooster available from the manufacturer only! and key start feature. With a top speed of 20 MPH and a range of 25 miles per charge, this three-wheel electric bike blends convenience and comfort, making it an ideal choice for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Enjoy the freedom to explore with the CozyTrike, a reliable and stylish solution for your commuting needs. The following are the key features of the Cozytrikes Motorized Three Wheel Bikes for Adults:

1. Top Speed: 20 MPH (pedaling increases speed)
2. Power: 1000 watts or 1500 watts with PowerBooster, which is available from the manufacturer only!
3. Battery: SLA or Lithium
4. Max Weight Limit: 400 lbs
5. Key Start: Yes
6. Headlight: Included
7. Battery Level Indicator: Included
8. MOTOR TYPE: Brushless motor drive
9. FRAME TYPE: Steel
10. BRAKING SYSTEM: Front V-brake, rear brake expansion brake
11. DRIVE SYSTEM: Front hub motor or Pedal Power
12. BICYCLE WEIGHT: 75 lbs

Before making a purchase, you can find more information about the product on Please note that assembly is required for this product. Order your Flatbed Cargo Electric Trike Tricycle today and start reaping the benefits!

Hazmat Classification

This product is classified as HAZMAT, and therefore Amazon’s restricted return policy applies.

Top Range: 25 miles per charge (pedaling increases range)
Color: Blue
VOLTS: 48 volt

Overall, the Cozytrikes Motorized Three Wheel Bikes for Adults is a reliable and convenient electric trike that offers a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. Whether you are a senior looking for a mobility solution or an individual with disabilities, this trike provides the freedom to explore and commute with ease. Its powerful motor, long range, and sturdy frame make it a practical choice for everyday use. So, why wait? Order your Adult Electric Trike today and start enjoying the benefits of effortless mobility!

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