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Product Review: Cutycaty 16-28inch Electric Bicycle DIY Kit

If you are an experienced DIY enthusiast with knowledge of bicycle mechanics, then the Cutycaty 16-28inch Electric Bicycle DIY Kit might provide the perfect solution for converting your regular bike into an electric one. However, if you lack the necessary installation experience, this kit might not be the best option for you.

Installation of this kit can be challenging, particularly for bikes with gears. While the kit is primarily designed for normal bikes, there is a workaround for those with 18-speed or 24-speed bikes. By mounting the freewheel on the left-hand side of the rear wheel axis and spot welding it for security, you can still install the kit and retain the ability to shift gears. However, it is important to note that welding skills are required for this step. If welding is not in your skillset, it is recommended to opt for Cutycaty’s hub motor kit or their “mid-mounted” kit instead.

When it comes to batteries, this kit requires either two 12V batteries or one 24V battery. To ensure proper functionality, it is recommended to link the batteries together and ensure a capacity greater than 15AH, with a working current of less than 20A. It’s worth mentioning that the kit does not include batteries, so you’ll need to purchase them separately.

Mounting the batteries can be done above the rear wheel on the rear rack or by creating a custom box with some DIY skills. Cutycaty does not provide a battery box, but they give you the flexibility to design whether the batteries should be removable or hard-wired into the system.

The Cutycaty 16-28inch Electric Bicycle DIY Kit includes all the necessary parts, except for the batteries, to successfully convert your bike into an electric one. The kit consists of a 24V 250W DC motor, chain, freewheel, freewheel adapter, motor controller, mounting plate with bolts, and an accelerator handle. Please note that an English user manual is not included.

One of the standout features of this DIY kit is the high-efficiency motor. Equipped with a high-quality 24V brush motor, it offers a power output of 250W and a speed of 330rpm, allowing you to reach a maximum speed of 20km/h. The motor operates smoothly with low noise, ensuring it won’t disrupt your daily life.

Safety is also a priority with the Cutycaty Electric Bicycle DIY Kit. The use of an aluminum shell controller provides better heat dissipation and high-temperature resistance. The groove design enhances protection for the internal circuit, ensuring stable and responsive brake and speed control.

Designed for bikes ranging from 16″ to 28″ in size, this motor conversion chain kit offers great versatility. However, it is crucial to confirm that this kit is compatible with your specific bike before making a purchase. Additionally, professional installation experience is recommended, or you can seek the assistance of a professional to ensure proper installation.

In conclusion, the Cutycaty 16-28inch Electric Bicycle DIY Kit offers an exciting opportunity for experienced DIY enthusiasts to convert their regular bikes into electric ones. With its high-efficiency motor, focus on safety, and compatibility with a wide range of bike sizes, this kit is an appealing option for those seeking an electric bike conversion. However, it is important to note that proper installation experience and skills are essential for a successful conversion.

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