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The DERUIZ Electric Bike Motor 1000w Mid Drive BBSHD BBS03 E-Bike Kit Bicycle Motor Kit Electric Bike Conversion Kit Electrical Kits with Battery for MTB City Bikes Road Bicycle for Adults is an incredible product that will transform your regular bike into a powerful electric bike. This kit is ideal for adults who want to upgrade their riding experience and enjoy the benefits of effortless riding.

Core Products Introduction of This Motor Kit

Powerful Bafang Mid Motor
The Bafang mid motor included in this kit is made of optimal materials and backed by Bafang’s patent technology. It offers stable output performance and provides the ultimate riding experience for urban commuting, short-distance trips, and various outdoor activities. With an easy installation process, turning your bike into an electric one has never been more fun and enjoyable.

Well-made Lithium Batteries
The included lithium batteries come with excellent BMS for durability, long-lasting output, and safety consideration. The cells are supplied by well-established brands such as Samsung/LG and are rigorously verified before leaving the factory. Each battery package is equipped with a matched charger and a mounting bracket for free. Additionally, there are optional models with different capacities to cater to various needs and budgets.

Intelligent C18 Display
The C18 display is equipped with a color screen and provides precise and clear visibility of the current riding mode, real-time speed, remaining electricity, and error codes. It is also waterproof, making it suitable for any weather conditions.

Storage and Shipping
The DERUIZ kit offers sufficient storage in different states and ensures reliable logistics channels for a seamless delivery experience. With a delivery time of 3-7 days from local warehouses to your door, you can be confident in the timely arrival of your purchase.

Packing List
The kit includes a comprehensive packing list that consists of the BBS03 BBSHD 1000W Motor, battery, display, EB-BUS waterproof cable, chain wheel, cranks, throttle, lock nuts, speed sensor and magnets, as well as installation tools and accessories. The package also contains an installation manual or a guide video for easy setup.

The DERUIZ Electric Bike Motor 1000w Mid Drive BBSHD BBS03 E-Bike Kit Bicycle Motor Kit is truly an exceptional product that provides a seamless and enjoyable electric bike conversion experience. The inclusion of top-quality components and thoughtful accessories in this kit demonstrates the brand’s commitment to delivering reliable and efficient electric biking solutions. Whether you’re cruising through the city or exploring off-road trails, this electric bike kit can elevate your riding experience to a whole new level.

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