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A Comprehensive Review of DYU Electric Bike, 350W Motor Folding Electric Bicycles

The world of motorized bicycles has grown considerably over the years, with now more than ever being the perfect time to get in on the action. The DYU Electric Bike is a stellar choice for anyone looking for a seamless blend between a bicycle and an electric scooter. The model targeted in this review is a 350W Motor Folding Electric Bicycles, 36V 7.5Ah Battery, 3 Levels Assist, Dual Disc Brakes. An impressive model that stands out from the rest.

Design and Portability

Constructed with a foldable design concept, the DYU C3 electric bike is easily transportable and doesn’t demand a lot of storage space. Its easy-fold functionality can smartly downsize the bike to 50.28.6624.02 inches. With such a compact size upon folding, this e-bike perfectly fits into the trunk of your car, docked at the subway station or cozily stored at your office corner or in your apartment.

The bike is not only foldable but also lightweight, weighing in at a meager 14kg or 30.86 lbs. It helps maneuver the bike easily across various terrains – great for commuting, park rides, and other leisure activities.

The adjustable saddle height provides an extra edge in terms of comfort and convenience, as it can be leveled to the cyclists’ comfortable height, offering a delightful riding experience.

Powerful and Efficient

Primary features of this e-bike include a sturdy 350W motor coupled with a 36V 7.5Ah lithium battery. This efficient system allows the rider to reach speeds up to 15.5 mph, which is not only fun but also useful for commuting purposes, reducing travel time significantly. The battery offers a commendable range of 25 km/15.5 miles in electric-only mode and even extends up to 40 km/25 miles in the pedal-assist mode.

Multiple Riding Modes

One of the greatest charms of the DYU Electric bike is its 3-in-1 riding modes. It features the traditional manual mode where riders pedal as with ordinary bicycles. Then comes the electric assist mode, which is a blend between manual and electric driving, offering effortless cruising keeping the rider’s exertion minimal. The third mode is the pure electric mode, where the rider can fully enjoy the maximum speed of 15.5 mph without much effort. These options make the DYU Electric Bike a versatile choice for both workout and relaxed rides.


With a strong focus on safety, the DYU electric bike employs highly efficient dual disc brakes, ensuring strong stopping power in any given condition, maintaining all around safety. The bike is equipped with both LED headlights and rear reflectors to enhance visibility during nighttime or under poor light conditions. The display panel monitors the remaining battery capacity, eliminating the chances of abrupt power outage.

Customer Service and Warranty

Proud of their creation, DYU offers a one-month free return and exchange service along with a one-year warranty on the electric motor, battery, and charger. They promise to respond to any queries within 24 hours, offering assistance and aiming to resolve any issues promptly.


Overall, the DYU 350W Motor Folding Electric Bicycle is a class-apart offering with its powerful performance, multiple ride modes, foldable portability, and impeccable safety features. It’s a great value for money, presenting an excellent option for those seeking both functionality and convenience. Its versatility makes it appealing to both commuters and leisure riders making it stand tall amidst the e-bike revolution.

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