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Introducing the E·Bycco Electric Bike for Adults

If you’re in the market for an electric bike that offers power, versatility, and style, look no further than the E·Bycco Electric Bike for Adults. With its dual motor 2000W/750W, 48V 23Ah/16Ah removable battery, and 26″x4.0 fat tires, this electric bicycle is designed to take you on thrilling adventures while providing comfort and ease of use.

Removable Battery for Extended Riding Range

The E·Bycco Electric Bike for Adults comes with a 48V 16Ah removable battery, allowing you to ride up to 35 miles in electric mode or 65 miles in pedal-assist mode. The battery can be fully charged within 6-7 hours, and its removable design makes it convenient to charge at any time. Please note that the mileage range may vary depending on factors such as road conditions, weather, and rider’s weight.

All-Terrain Fat Tires for Ultimate Control

This electric bike features 26″x4.0 all-terrain fat tires that provide durability, better grip, and enhanced control. Whether you’re riding on the highway, snow field, mountain trails, beach, or gravel roads, these fat tires will handle any terrain with ease. Enjoy the freedom to explore your surroundings.

Full Suspension and Quality Components

Designed with full suspension, the E·Bycco Electric Bike ensures a smooth and comfortable ride even on rugged terrains. The dual front suspension and rear shock absorber provide excellent control and stability. The aluminum frame, 7-speed gears, and dual disc brakes make this electric bike a reliable companion for steep hills and challenging trails. It also comes equipped with headlights, a fender set, rear rack, and a USB phone holder for added convenience.

5 Riding Modes for Every Situation

With 5 riding modes, the E·Bycco Electric Bike offers versatility for every rider. Choose from Pure Electric mode, 5 Level Pedal Assist mode, Cruise mode, Walking mode, and Pedaling mode. Whether you want to cruise effortlessly, get some exercise, or tackle uphill climbs with ease, this electric bike has you covered.

Easy Assembly and Customer Support

The E·Bycco Electric Bike comes 90% assembled, and all the necessary tools are provided for a quick and hassle-free assembly. If you encounter any issues, the customer support team is available to provide solutions within 24 hours. Please keep the original package for at least 30 days in case of any return issues. Contact customer support before attempting to return the bike to prevent any package loss.

Overall, the E·Bycco Electric Bike for Adults is a powerful and versatile electric bicycle that offers a thrilling ride and exceptional comfort. With its removable battery, all-terrain fat tires, full suspension, and 5 riding modes, this electric bike is designed to elevate your riding experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this incredible piece of machinery that will take you on countless adventures.

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