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The Eahora 4000W M1P Pro Electric Motorcycle: A High-Performance, Green Riding Experience

For anyone looking for a low-carbon, high-quality, high-performance electric motorcycle, the Eahora 4000W M1P Pro is a top choice. Designed for adults, this motorcycle offers a comfortable and convenient riding experience. Eahora brand is committed to producing low-carbon, green, high-quality, high-performance electric motorcycles to provide a more comfortable and convenient riding experience for everyone. Behind every Eahora, there is an exclusive service system. From car consultation, daily maintenance, to repair, behind every set of standardized services, we accompany you with dedication and professionalism, and every kilometer is a peace of mind and pleasure.

Top Pick

The Eahora 4000W M1P Pro Electric Motorcycle is part of the brand’s top pick series, which includes other electric motorcycles such as the M1 2Seat 2000W, New Series M1P Pro 4000W, M1P 2000W Top Series, and M8S 4000W Commuting Series M8 2000W. Each of these electric motorcycles offers high performance and reliable quality.

Customer Service

After placing an order, the brand requires the customer’s phone number in order to arrange trucking and schedule a delivery appointment. This is an important step in ensuring that the electric motorcycle is delivered in a timely and efficient manner. The brand’s exclusive service system also extends to after-sales support, including assistance with repair and maintenance of the electric motorcycle.

Delivery Times

The handling times for the Eahora M1P Pro electric motorcycle are typically 2-3 business days, with delivery times varying depending on the location. For California and New Jersey, delivery typically takes 2-3 days, while for the lower 48 states (excluding CA and NJ), delivery can take 3-10 days.

60V42Ah High Efficiency Battery

The M1P Pro is equipped with a 60V 42AH Li-Ion battery with a maximum range of 55 miles. The battery compartment can be equipped with an additional second battery to double the range to 110 miles, providing a solution for range anxiety. The upgraded 10A fast charger charges 40% more efficiently and can be fully charged in just 3-4 hours, ensuring minimal downtime.

Comfortable Ride

The M1P Pro electric motorcycle features a 735mm aluminum hydraulic fork with 270mm dual ring hydraulic shock absorber, minimizing bumps and providing a comfortable ride. The wide, soft airbag-style saddle and ergonomically triangulated driving position keep riders fatigue-free on long rides, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Advanced Braking System

The M1P Pro electric motorcycle features a disc brake system with 220MM front and 180MM rear wheels, offering excellent braking power and shorter braking distances. This provides riders with precise control and quick response, ensuring safety in any situation.

Complete Lighting System

The Eahora M1P Pro has a complete lighting system, including emergency flashers, high beams, low beams, left and right turn signals, and license plate lights. The advanced upgraded 17W headlight provides excellent brightness and penetration, ensuring safe riding at night and in bad weather conditions.

Eye-Catching Design

One of the standout features of the Eahora M1P Pro electric motorcycle is its classic Harley style styling, matte black paint, rivet-trimmed seats, and bullet-shaped taillights, making it a visually appealing choice for riders. Additionally, the motorcycle supports personalized modifications, allowing riders to customize it to their preferences.

DOT Approved and Service

Eahora electric motorcycles are DOT certified, and no driver’s license is required to operate them. The M1P Pro electric motorcycle comes 95% assembled, with instructions, MCO, and a full set of installation tools included. Additionally, Eahora electric motorcycles come with a one-year warranty and permanent customer service support, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Eahora for further assistance and information on their electric motorcycles. With their commitment to providing high-quality, green, and convenient riding experiences, Eahora is a brand that riders can trust for their electric motorcycle needs.

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