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The Ebike Battery 48V 10Ah/15Ah, 36V 10Ah/15Ah Down Tube Battery is a powerful and reliable lithium-ion battery designed for electric bicycles with a 200-1500W motor. It comes with a LED indicator light, safe lock, and charger, making it a convenient and efficient power source for your eBike.

The 36V Lithium battery cell and smart 2A battery charge make it suitable for 250W-1000W powerful off-road eBikes, high-speed motors, and tricycles. It offers a top speed of 30 miles and a riding range varying from 42 miles to 52 miles, providing ample power for long rides. It’s important to note that lithium batteries are not suitable for long-term empty storage, so it’s recommended to charge the battery to more than 50% for storage and recharge the battery every 30 days for optimal performance.

The battery is equipped with BMS (Battery Management System) equipment, including 30A and 35A protection boards, which improve the battery’s performance and ensure a longer battery life. It can withstand more than 1000 power cycles, making it a durable and reliable power source for your eBike.

One of the key features of this battery is its multi-functionality. It comes with a USB charge socket, allowing you to connect your electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, headphones, MP3 players, and more for charging while you ride. This added convenience makes it a versatile power source for all your devices during your outdoor adventures.

In terms of packaging, the Ebike Battery comes with a Control Mounting Plate, 2A Charger, AC Line, XT60 Plug, 2 Keys, and 4 Screws, providing everything you need for a hassle-free installation and usage. The inclusion of these accessories ensures that you have all the necessary components to set up and start using the battery right away.

The available voltage options include 36V/48V, while the available capacity options range from 10Ah to 20Ah, catering to different power needs and usage preferences. It’s important to select the right voltage and capacity based on your eBike’s motor specifications to ensure optimal performance.

Additionally, the battery is compatible with motors ranging from 200-1500W, offering versatility and flexibility for different eBike models and motor configurations. The BMS options include 30A/35A, providing comprehensive protection and management for the battery to deliver consistent and reliable power output.

Furthermore, this Ebike Battery is available in the US stock, ensuring fast and convenient shipping for customers within the United States. This allows for quick delivery, hassle-free replacements, and efficient customer service.

In summary, the Ebike Battery 48V 10Ah/15Ah, 36V 10Ah/15Ah Down Tube Battery is a high-quality and versatile power source for electric bicycles. With its reliable lithium-ion technology, smart battery charge, BMS equipment, and multi-functionality, it offers a seamless and efficient power solution for eBike enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a high-speed ride, long-range capability, or convenient charging options for your electronic devices, this battery delivers on all fronts. Its compatibility with a wide range of motors and availability in US stock make it a top choice for eBike owners looking for a dependable and efficient power source.

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