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When it comes to electric bike batteries, the ANKLOUS e-Bike Hailong Pro 48V 13Ah Battery stands out for its exceptional performance and top-quality construction. This battery pack is designed to provide reliable power for electric bikes with motor capacities ranging from 250W to 1000W. With a USB port, 3A charger, safe lock, and built-in BMS for multiple protections, this battery is a versatile and secure option for your electric bike.

Our Battery Pack Includes:
1 x ANKLOUS Hailong Pro 48V 13Ah Battery
1 x Battery Holder Mounting Plate with Discharge Cable
1 x Battery Quick Charger (3A)
1 x User Manual
2 x Keys for the Safety Lock
1 x Set of Anderson Discharge Connector
1 x Set of XT-60 Discharge Connector
2 x Screws and Nuts for Plate Installation
1 x Hex Key Wrench

ANKLOUS Brings Leading Performance and Top Quality

This electric bicycle battery pack is equipped with a quick 48V 3A battery charger, allowing for a full recharge in just 4-5 hours. The battery holder mounting plate ensures easy installation on your electric bike frame. The battery is made of 65 premium A grade 18650 lithium-ion cells, providing a longer charge cycle life of 1000-1200 times and a life expectancy of up to 5 years.

Built-In BMS for Multiple Protection

The ANKLOUS e-Bike Hailong Pro 48V 13Ah Battery is designed with a 30A BMS protective plate, offering six protections to ensure your safety. These protections include over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, and temperature protection. ANKLOUS prioritizes the safety of its customers, providing peace of mind when using their products.

Main Specific Parameters

– Nominal Voltage: 48V
– Rated Capacity: 13Ah
– Compatible Motor: 250W-1000W
– Max Constant Discharge Current: 30A (BMS)
– Battery Cell Type: 18650 Cell (Premium A Grade)
– Charger: 48V 3A
– Charging Time: 0%-100% in 4-5 hours
– Cycle Life: 1000-1200 times
– Life Expectancy: 5 years
– Discharge Connector: XT-60 & Anderson (Male & Female)

Comparing the ANKLOUS e-Bike Hailong Pro 48V 13Ah Battery with other e-bike battery options, it is evident that this battery pack offers a range of features that make it a standout choice. With its USB port, 3A charger, safe lock, premium 18650 cell construction, and 30A BMS, this battery provides both convenience and safety for electric bike riders.

In conclusion, the ANKLOUS e-Bike Hailong Pro 48V 13Ah Battery is a reliable and high-performance option for electric bike riders looking for quality and durability in their battery pack. With its quick charging capabilities, robust construction, and multiple protections, this battery is sure to enhance your electric biking experience. Consider investing in the ANKLOUS e-Bike Hailong Pro 48V 13Ah Battery for a dependable and long-lasting power source for your electric bike.

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