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Immerse in the Power of 48V Lithium Battery for Electric Bikes

Hitting the outdoors with your ebike can be thrilling but only when you have the right battery to power your ride. One such product that deserves your attention is the 48V 8Ah Lithium Battery. Made to deliver excellent performance, this battery is suitable for 0-1000W electric bicycle and scooters, transforming your regular commutes into expeditions of ecstasy.

Superior Performance and Construction

The 48V 8Ah Lithium Battery comes with an impressive 2A charger, for fast and reliable charging. The provision of a T-Plug allows simple and effortless discharging, catering to all your biking needs. As soon as you place this battery in your ebike, you give it the strength to cover challenging terrains and travel longer distances.

This ebike battery boasts a notable real capacity. Each battery comes with automotive grade battery cells that deliver high capacity density and a long cycle life. They also ensure safer performance, accompanied by higher discharge rates.

But, the merits do not stop here. The battery is built with 3C grade A battery cells which offers thrice the discharge rate compared to normal batteries. It is carefully equipped with an inbuilt 30A BMS, making your electric bike more potent and long-lasting. Reliable battery construction promises to deliver power without compromising on the safety.

Suitable for Diverse Equipment

This 48V Lithium Battery’s versatility stands unmatched. Beyond just ebikes, it is compatible with electric scooters, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, and solar panels as well. Essentially, it can be applied to 48v or 52v controllers that have a rated current of ≤30A and motor wattage within the range from 250W-1400W.

Effortless Installation

For charging, this ebike battery conveniently connects to the 54.6V 2A fast charger. It is as simple as connecting one end of the AC Plug to a 54.6v 2A fast charger and the other end to a110 socket. The T Plug is used for discharging and it should be connected to the controller.

Resolving Voltage Concerns

It’s common for the voltage of 48V LiFePO4 Battery to drop within a few seconds upon achieving full charge. However, as long as the full-charge voltage detected by the battery lies between 50.7v and 54.6v, the battery will function without any issues.

Easy-to-Read Charger Indicator Light

The 2A charger that comes with this ebike battery is user-friendly. The indicator light is red when it’s plugged in, and the light turns green when the battery is fully charged, kept you well informed about the charging status.

World-Class Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is a priority for this product’s service. Whether it is a logistics issue, incorrect battery size, broken charger, or functionality concerns, the support team is ready to provide solutions. They ensure a free exchange or return service, as required for logistical problems.

The package you’ll receive includes one 48V 8Ah ebike battery, a 54.6V 2A fast charger, an AC Plug, a Power Connector, and a T-Plug.


The 48V 8Ah Lithium Battery for ebikes is a high-capacity, reliable, and versatile option for powering your electric vehicles. With fast charging, a built-in BMS, and support for a wide range of devices, it’s a power-packed addition to your electric-powered journeys. So, gear up for a stimulating biking experience with this powerful, trusty battery.

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