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The Ebike Brake Lever WUXING 115PDD is a pair of cut off power brakes designed for electric bikes and E-scooters. These high-quality replacement parts are perfect for those looking to upgrade or repair their electric bicycle kits. With the ability to cut off power when braking, these brakes are essential for maintaining the safety and performance of your electric bike.

The WUXING 115PDD brake lever features a 2-pin male SM plug with a wire length of 180 cm, making it easy to connect directly to the controller. Additionally, it comes with a 3-pin female waterproof plug with a wire length of 25 cm, allowing for connection to a 1 to 4 bus cable. With these versatile plug options, you can easily integrate the brake lever into your electric bike or E-scooter setup.

In terms of specifications, the WUXING 115PDD brake lever is made of durable metal and is designed for installation on both the left and right sides of the handlebars. It has a size of L156mm x W105mm x H34mm and is suitable for use with voltage ranging from 12V to 72V. The black color and 300g weight make it a sleek and lightweight addition to your electric bike.

The application of this brake lever is wide-ranging, with a handle diameter of 22.2mm that is suitable for most 12V-72V electric bicycles, electric scooters, and mountain bikes. It can be used for the modification of V-type brakes and disc brakes on electric bicycles, although it is not compatible with hydraulic brake systems. With its ability to effectively cut off power supply during braking, the WUXING 115PDD brake lever helps protect your braking system and extend the service life of the motor.

When it comes to logistics and service, the WUXING 115PDD brake lever is distributed using FBA for fast delivery. This ensures that you will receive your replacement parts quickly, allowing you to get your electric bike back in working order in no time. Additionally, customer service is readily available to answer any questions you may have about the product, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

Overall, the WUXING 115PDD brake lever is a reliable and high-performance replacement part for electric bikes and E-scooters. Its durable construction, versatile plug options, and ability to cut off power during braking make it an essential component for maintaining the safety and functionality of your electric bike. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current brake system or simply need a reliable replacement part, the WUXING 115PDD brake lever is an excellent choice for electric bike enthusiasts.

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