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Are you looking to convert your traditional bike into a powerful electric bike? Look no further than the Electric Bicycle Motor Kit 48V 1000W 36V 250W Electric Bike Conversion Kit. This kit offers a powerful motor, suitable for both V brake and Disc brake systems, and is designed to be installed on 20-inch bicycles.

Please Note:
1. While connecting the controller to the wires, please make sure that you connect the right colors to the controller. Otherwise, the controller may be broken.
2. 20″ refers to the diameter after the tire is installed, this item does not include tires, which need to be purchased by the customer.
3. It is used to install 20-inch tires and is suitable for 20-inch bicycles. Please check the product size before purchasing.

About the battery:
The power and voltage of the battery (not included) you buy should be consistent with our set. When installing, make sure that the wiring is not reversed. Otherwise, it may damage the product.

1. 36V 250W/48V 1000W Brushless toothed motor specification, strong and powerful.
2. Come with powerful controller guarantee big current supply.
3. Suitable for both V brake and Disc brake.
4. The open size of the front fork is 100mm
5. The open size of the rear fork is 135mm
6. Thumb Throttle
7. Crank speed sensor for pedal assist.

This kit is available in two types: Front Motor and Rear Motor. The motor specification includes a 36V 250W or 48V 1000W option, with a maximum speed of 30KM/H or 50KM/H respectively. The front fork open size is approximately 100mm and the rear fork open size is approximately 135mm. The controller options include 36V 15A or 48V 30A, providing customizable power levels for your electric bike.

Additionally, the kit includes a 5 magnetic point assist sensor, power cut-off brake lever, thumb throttle, and an SW-810LED Display for easy monitoring of speed and battery level. The wiring mode is waterproof for outgoing motor, with common wiring for other components, ensuring a reliable and durable setup.

The package list includes everything you need for a complete conversion kit, including 1 x Motor, 1 x Controller, 1 x Assist, 1 x Electronic power brake, 1 x Thumb Throttle, 1 x LED Display, 1 x Waterproof Wire, and 1 x Controller carrying case.

With high performance and a complete conversion kit, this Electric Bicycle Motor Kit provides a convenient and powerful solution for those looking to upgrade their traditional bike to an electric one. The included instructions ensure a straightforward installation process, and the compatibility with both V brake and Disc brake systems makes it suitable for a wide range of bike models.

Overall, the Electric Bicycle Motor Kit 48V 1000W 36V 250W Electric Bike Conversion Kit offers a powerful and reliable solution for converting your bike into an electric powerhouse. Whether you’re looking for an added boost for your commute or simply want to experience the thrill of electric biking, this kit has everything you need to get started. Upgrade your ride today and experience the convenience and power of an electric bike conversion kit.

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