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The 750W 48V 18Ah 26” Fat Tire Electric Bike is clearly making waves in today’s mobile world. Designed for adults and featuring a full suspension system for off-road conditions and challenging terrains, this electric bicycle is an amalgamation of power, comfort, control, and versatility. Perfect for the adventurous rider, this bike exceeds expectations in quality and performance. It combines the convenience of a pedal-assist bicycle and a thumb throttle electric bike into one robust package, making it extraordinary to ride.

Features and Performance

To embark on the odyssey of features that this bike represents, let’s start with the “Pedal Assist EBike” mode. With five adjustable speed levels, this bike can cruise up to a speed of 32mph, while the high-capacity battery offers an impressive mileage of over 70 miles. Do note that the mileage and top speed can vary depending on the terrain, weather, and load capacity.

This electric mountain bike includes a significant 750W high-speed brushless hub motor. It features a torque up to 82NM, providing ample power to effortlessly tackle steep trails up to 30°. Whether you’re battling against hills, gravel pathways, dirt tracks, or bumpy roads, this bike handles it all with aplomb.

Five-Mode Electric Moped

What sets this 750W electric bike apart from its competitors is the integration of a five-mode electric moped system. Use it as a normal bike when the battery runs out with its 7-speed gears, or switch to the pedal-assist mode where the battery provides power to assist your ride when you’re pedaling. The full-throttle mode allows the bike to move automatically without needing to pedal. If you prefer a more laid-back cruise, the cruiser mode lets you set a constant speed without pressing the throttle. Lastly, the bicycle assist mode aids pushing the bike, making it easy for walks with your bike.

Full Suspension

Expeditions on challenging terrains are a breeze with the full suspension system of this e-bike. The lockable and adjustable front suspension fork pairs perfectly with the dependable rear shock absorber. Despite challenging hills, bomb terrains, or city streets, the bike’s robust suspension system moderates bumps and provides optimal comfort, making your rides smoother and fatigue-free.

Hydraulic Disk Brakes

When it comes to controlling an e-bike, especially at high speeds, stopping power plays a significant role. This mountain e-bike features a dual hydraulic disc braking system that guarantees quick and smooth stops, significantly shortening the braking distance. Even if you’re riding on slick surfaces or negotiating steep downslopes, this hydraulic braking system ensures that you are in total control of your bike.

Designed for Adults

The 750W Electric Bike isn’t just about performance; it’s about inclusivity too. It’s designed to cater to varying sizes and heights with a max load capacity that can accommodate up to 330 lbs, and a recommended height range of 5’7” to 6’5”. With its anti-slip, 26” x 4.0” large tires, this e-bike offers a smooth and stable ride on both paved roads and natural off-road paths.


In conclusion, this e-bike epitomizes a magnificent fusion of power, durability, comfort, and versatility. It caters perfectly to the adventurous and the urban alike, setting new benchmarks for design and performance for e-bikes everywhere. With its 750W power, its versatile five-mode system, comprehensive suspension, and reliable hydraulic brakes, this electric bike establishes an excellent case for itself as one of the most effective and efficient ways to traverse any terrain.

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