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An In-depth Review of the Electric Bike Conversion Kit, 500W 20″ Rear Wheel

If you already own a comfortable bicycle but crave the added power and convenience an electric bike brings, you should consider an electric bike conversion kit. Today, I’ll review one such comprehensive package: a 500W 20″ Rear Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit, that boasts a plethora of features, including an LCD Display and Twist Throttle.

Kit Contents and Specifications

Upon unpacking the box, the kit offers all the assembly accessories needed, including a wheel hub motor, controller, ordinary thumb knob handle, brake handle, controller package, boost sensor, and an English installation guide. Noticeably, the batteries and tires are not included, and the latter needs to be purchased separately – the suitable tire size being 20*1.75 to 2.125inch.

The wheel hub motor in the kit is robust, with a power rating of 500W, a maximum speed of 340 RPM capable of reaching up to 35km/hunloaded. Its torque stands at a decent 30N. M. The manufacturer indicates that this conversion kit is only suitable for bicycles with a tire size of 20 inches.


There’s an impressive degree of multipurpose functionality presented by the kit. Its Cruise Control and five unique gears provide a dynamic riding experience that abandons the confines of traditional pedaling. The system allows for a gentle twist of the handlebars to manage speed. These capabilities empower the rider with greater control over their journey, resulting in a more comfortable and relaxed ride.

High-Quality Build and Durability

The kit’s build quality is undisputed, with the wheel hub motor and related parts made from high-strength aluminum, iron, copper, and magnetic steel. The resultant assembly is robust, reliable, and resistant to deformation. Furthermore, the motor itself is both brushless and gearless, which reduces operational noise to create a more peaceful riding environment.

Integration of LCD Display

The kit is improved significantly by the inclusion of an LCD display, bringing a suite of convenient tools to your handlebars. It exhibits power levels, speed, mileage, fault alerts, and real-time voltage and current readouts. These displays streamline your riding experience, giving you all the necessary details right in front of you.

Clear Instructions and Easy Installation

The kit prides itself on its simple, user-focused assembly process aiming to involve even the least technical cyclists. It provides a full English manual detailing all steps necessary to complete the conversion, ensuring that the process is straightforward and achievable for most. Keep in mind, however, to observe the kit’s suitability for your bicycle in terms of tire size compatibility before proceeding to purchase and installation.


To summarize, if you are seeking a convenient, quiet, and multifunctional e-bike conversion kit option, this 500W 20″ Rear Wheel kit offers an impressive option. Its high-quality materials ensure durability and robustness, while the addition of an LCD display offers a handy tool set to monitor your riding conditions. With a comprehensive installation manual, you don’t need to be an expert to harness the power of electric assistance for your bicycle. Whether for the morning commute or leisurely weekend rides, this e-bike conversion kit has certainly stepped up the mark.

Please remember that actual riding speed is subject to wheel size, road condition, battery condition, load, and wind speed among others. Additionally, read the provided instruction manual carefully before using, and verify that you don’t mind the color variations or minor size errors due to manual measurement and light effects during shooting.

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