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Electric Bike Conversion Kit Fit for 4″ Fat Tire Bike Frame, E Bike Conversion Kits fit for 26″ Frame with 5 5/16″ Front Dropout Spacing, Bicycle Motor Kit with PAS Dual Mode Controller is a versatile and convenient solution for converting your traditional bike into an electric bike. With its powerful motor, durable construction, and user-friendly features, this conversion kit is a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their cycling experience.

The specification of this electric bike conversion kit is impressive, with an overall dimension of 22 5/8″ x 7 7/8″ and a compatible tire size of 26″ x 4″. The motor voltage is 48V, with a power rating of 1000W and a motor torque of 60 N.m. The front dropout spacing is 5 5/16″, making it suitable for a variety of bike frames. The kit also includes a dual mode controller, brake levers, handle grips, twist throttle, PAS sensor, and other essential components for easy installation.

One of the standout features of this electric bike conversion kit is the dual mode controller, which allows the motor to work under both Hall effect and non-Hall effect modes. This extends the life of the motor and ensures that it can continue working even if certain components break down. The pedal assist system (PAS) allows you to ride the e-bike without using the throttle, reducing wrist fatigue and making long-distance journeys more comfortable. The twist throttle and battery status indicators make it easy to activate the motor and monitor the battery level while riding.

The aluminum alloy frame of this conversion kit is both durable and stable, capable of supporting weights up to 220 Lbs. The drive system is designed without moving chains or gears, reducing friction and ensuring a smooth ride. The brake levers cut off power and apply the brakes, enhancing safety while riding. The kit is also CE certificated, guaranteeing quality and safety standards.

This electric bike conversion kit is environmentally friendly, with a battery-powered design that reduces emissions and promotes sustainability. It is important to note that the kit does not include a battery, charger, or tire, so these components must be purchased separately before use. The kit is designed for conventional bicycles and is not suitable for tricycles or other non-standard bike frames. For modifications, it is recommended to consult an automobile repair shop with a standard business license. It is also advised to wear a helmet while riding for added protection.

Overall, the Electric Bike Conversion Kit Fit for 4″ Fat Tire Bike Frame is a high-quality and efficient solution for upgrading your bike to an electric model. Its durable construction, powerful motor, and user-friendly features make it a great choice for cyclists of all levels. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, enjoy a more comfortable ride, or simply enhance your cycling experience, this conversion kit is a smart investment.

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