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Electric bikes have taken the world by storm, offering a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation that is perfect for cruising around town, commuting to work, or just enjoying a leisurely ride. The FreeForce Avalon 16-inch Electric Beach Cruiser Bike is a lightweight ebike designed for adults, featuring a powerful 375W Bafang motor, Kenda tires, Shimano drivetrain, 8 gears, throttle, pedal assist, and a range of other exceptional features that make it a stand-out option in the electric bike market.

Product Description:

The FreeForce Avalon Electric Beach Cruiser Bike is designed to bring back the joy of biking effortlessly. The aluminum frame is not only stylish but also lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and control. The sturdy Kenda tires provide excellent traction and stability, while the 1-8 Shimano Drivetrain ensures smooth and reliable gear shifting for a comfortable ride. Whether you’re cruising around the neighborhood or hitting the trails, this electric bike is equipped with everything you need for a fun and enjoyable experience.

Making Biking More Accessible:

One of the key features of the Avalon Electric Bike is its ability to make biking more accessible to a wider range of riders. Whether you’re looking to reduce the strain on your body, embrace a more active lifestyle, or simply enjoy the outdoors, this ebike offers the perfect balance of electric power and traditional biking features. With pedal assist and a thumb throttle, you can ride faster, climb hills with ease, and enjoy a smooth and efficient ride without putting excessive pressure on your joints.

Streamlined Design:

The low-profile design of the Avalon Electric Bike allows for easy mounting and dismounting, making it a convenient choice for riders of all ages and abilities. The included pedal assist and electric thumb throttle technology provide you with the flexibility to choose how you want to ride, whether you prefer a more traditional biking experience or the convenience of electric power. This bike is designed to save your joints from unnecessary strain while still providing a fun and enjoyable riding experience.

Comfortable Riding Features:

In addition to its innovative design and powerful electric motor, the Avalon Electric Bike also features a wide and comfortable seat that ensures a comfortable ride every time. Whether you’re taking a leisurely ride through the park or commuting to work, you can enjoy a smooth and relaxing experience on this ebike. The rear storage rack is a convenient addition that allows you to carry your belongings with ease, making it a practical choice for daily use.

Other Features Included:

The Avalon Electric Bike comes equipped with a range of additional features that enhance its functionality and convenience. The removable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery is secured with battery locks to prevent theft, while the control panel with a speed sensor keeps you informed about your riding metrics. Other features such as a bell, kickstand, water bottle bracket, rear reflector, and adjustable seat height add to the overall usability and convenience of this electric bike.

Go Further, Faster with Pedal Assist & Thumb Throttle:

The Avalon Electric Bike offers three levels of pedal assist to give you just the right amount of electric power to help you along as you pedal. If you prefer not to pedal, you can simply use the fully automatic thumb throttle to take you where you need to go with ease. These features allow you to ride faster, climb hills effortlessly, and save your joints from unnecessary strain, making biking more enjoyable and accessible for riders of all abilities.

Efficient and Reliable:

The Avalon Electric Bike can be operated by pedaling, a combination of pedaling and pedal assist, or fully electrically using the thumb throttle. With a maximum speed of 20mph, this ebike offers a balance of efficiency and reliability that makes it suitable for a wide range of riding scenarios. The powerful 375W lithium-ion battery provides a range of up to 4 hours or 35-50 miles per charge, making it a convenient choice for daily commuting or recreational riding.

High Quality Features:

The Avalon Electric Bike is built to last, with an aluminum frame, Kenda tires, a Bafang motor, and a 1-8 Shimano Drivetrain that ensures smooth and reliable shifting. The bike is also equipped with a range of high-quality features, including front and rear fenders, a bell, kickstand, rear storage rack, water bottle holder, rear tail light, reflector, and adjustable seat height. These features add to the overall comfort, convenience, and safety of the riding experience.

Reliable Customer Service & Easy Assembly:

FreeForce offers reliable customer service and a 1-year limited warranty on the Avalon Electric Bike, ensuring that you have the support you need to enjoy your ebike to the fullest. The bike comes almost fully assembled, making it easy to get up and riding in no time. With its user-friendly design and exceptional features, the Avalon Electric Bike is a top choice for riders looking for a stylish, efficient, and versatile electric bike.

In conclusion, the FreeForce Avalon 16-inch Electric Beach Cruiser Bike is a top-notch electric bike designed for adults who want to enjoy the thrill of biking with the added convenience of electric power. With a powerful motor, lightweight design, comfortable features, and high-quality components, this ebike offers a fantastic riding experience for commuters, recreational riders, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re looking to go further, faster, or simply enjoy a leisurely ride, the Avalon Electric Bike is a reliable and efficient choice that will take your biking experience to the next level.

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