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The Electric Bike IDEAPLAY P30 Plus is a powerful and versatile electric bicycle that offers a comfortable and efficient riding experience. With its 350W motor, three riding modes, and long-lasting battery, this electric bike is perfect for daily commuting and mountain riding.

One of the standout features of the IDEAPLAY P30 Plus is its high-speed brushless motor. This 350W motor provides ample power to tackle any terrain, whether you’re riding on city streets or off-road trails. The brushless design ensures a smooth and quiet ride, while the high torque output allows you to easily reach a top speed of 20mph.

The P30 Plus offers three different riding modes to suit your preferences and needs. In Pure Electric Mode, you can simply turn the throttle to accelerate and reach your desired speed. The more you turn the throttle, the faster you’ll go. In Pedal Assist Mode, the electric motor provides additional power as you pedal, making uphill climbs and long rides much easier. Finally, there’s also a Pedal Mode, which allows you to ride the bike like a traditional non-electric bicycle.

Equipped with a 36V 8.0A lithium battery, the IDEAPLAY P30 Plus has an impressive range of up to 40 miles per charge. This means you can ride for long distances without worrying about running out of power. Charging the battery is also quick and convenient, taking only 6-7 hours to reach a full charge. With the assistance of full power, you can enjoy a range of 22-40 miles, depending on terrain and riding conditions.

The upgraded LCD display on the IDEAPLAY P30 Plus provides essential information such as speed, motor power ratio, battery level, and mileage. This allows you to easily monitor your ride and make adjustments as needed. The display also includes a light signal, ensuring visibility and safety during night rides. The bike is also equipped with headlights and reflectors, further enhancing safety and visibility.

In terms of assembly, the electric system of the IDEAPLAY P30 Plus is pre-assembled, making it quick and easy to get the bike ready for your next adventure. You only need to assemble the front fork, front wheel, handlebar, saddle, and pedals. With its sturdy frame design and reliable components, this electric bike is built to withstand all-season riding and provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for riders of all levels.

In conclusion, the Electric Bike IDEAPLAY P30 Plus is a feature-rich and high-performance electric bicycle that offers an excellent riding experience. With its powerful motor, three riding modes, long-lasting battery, and convenient LCD display, this bike ticks all the boxes for those looking for a reliable and versatile electric bike. Whether for commuting or off-road adventures, the IDEAPLAY P30 Plus delivers on performance and quality.

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